Hydraulic Bending Machine

Lightweight To Plate Bending Capacity

The Hydraulic Bending Machine

The hydraulic bending machine from Hochstrate boasts a robust and durable welded steel structure but is remarkably lighter than conventional constructions. A pivotal aspect of this innovative design lies in the enhanced optimization of bending force during the folding process. The Hochstrate design addresses concerns such as the blind spot in the folding beam adjustment by utilizing a hydraulic actuator to eliminate such issues efficiently, ensuring optimal performance and precision.

Elevate your manufacturing capabilities with the Hochstrate Hydraulic Bending Machine.

Hochstarte Bender Image 2

Technical Data

1mm – 25mm

500mm – 8,000mm

Twice Sheet Thickness

Ten Times Sheet Thickness

24v DC

50 – 400 hPa

The Hochstrate Hydraulic Bending Machine stands as a pinnacle of engineering precision and functionality, boasting an array of advanced features. Its hydraulic system efficiently manages both the upper and bending beams, while the upper beam’s 45° face angle enhances its versatility. With changeable tools for all crucial beams and inclusive hydraulic oil, operation remains seamless and adaptable. Electronic precision in positioning the bending beam, coupled with a comprehensive control panel featuring a digital display, incremental angle control, and independent beam operation, ensures unparalleled control and ease of use. The integration of Siemens PLC-Control further optimizes performance. With a foot-actuated switch enabling manual or automatic operations, coupled with CE certification for safety adherence, this machine assures both precision and safety. Additionally, the upper beam’s safety stop, providing a 25 mm clearance, underscores its commitment to operational security.

Hochstrate machines are reliable and increase your manufacturing capabilities. 

Hydraulic Dynamic Crowning

Dynamic Crowning Example Image

Shear Effects vs Dynamic Crowning

  • 1
    Demonstrates a perfectly even sheet, bent using the patented hydraulic dynamic camber.
  • 2

    Demonstrates potential results bending with an inappropriate camber.

  • 3
    Demonstrate potential results bending without a camber.

With the patented hydraulic dynamic crowning of the bending beam, the effect of “bulging” no longer exists when bending sheets of different materials and different sheet thicknesses. Traditional bending machines have only a static crowning of the bending beam, which is useful for just a specific sheet thickness and a specific bending angle. Contrary to this, the new hydraulic dynamic crowning of the bending beam makes it possible to bend a sheet with an exact angle independent of sheet thickness and material. The controlled operation of the beams with electronic control takes regard to the sheet thickness and back spring correlations. This then directs the corresponding coefficients to crown the bending beam, so that a guaranteed optimal bending results over the whole material length.

Adjustment of Bending Machine


Electronic Adjustment of the Bending Beam

Gone are the days of complex bending beam gap adjustments. The electronic adjustment feature simplifies the process entirely. By merely pressing a button, the bending beam swiftly adjusts to the required distance for any application. This streamlined functionality not only saves valuable time but also allows the operator to concentrate on the critical aspects of the task at hand.

Folding Example Hochstrate Image

Long setup times for necessary adjustments aggravate the working process. This has been fixed with the automatic sheet thickness control. The thickness of the sheet is scanned automatically and the bending beam is positioned to acquire its required distance from the lower beam. This, combined with a visible control panel, makes expensive training of personnel unnecessary. Also, a flexible exchange of users is possible and operating errors are avoided.

CNC Touch Screen Control

Propekt Control System
Touchscreen System for Hochstrate

Touch Screen: Selection of backgauge values and bending angle with a microprocessor for the selection and storing of up to 8 positions of the backgauge and up to 8 angles for each bending part. It is possible to store up to 999 such bending parts (= 8 values backgauge position and 8 values bending angles and recall such values via quick selection. The bending machine then operates the working steps automatically for each selected profile. Backgauge depths can go to 4,000mm when fitted with ball screw drives and up to 8,000mm when equipped with a rack and pinion type drive. 


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