3 Roll Plate Bending Machine

HDR Plate Roll | Universal Plate Bending

High Performance

Due to the variable bending geometry, both the thickest sheets and very small diameters can be rolled. The symmetrical design of the machine combined with the proven Haeusler quality guarantees the best bending results in every situation.

Max Plate Width
MM Wall Thickness
M/Min (Stepless Variable)
Plate Roll Front Angle Picture


3-Roll Plate Bending Machine

What Are 3-roll round bending machines?

Round bending machines are used for bending sheet metal webs. There are different types with one of them being the 3-roll round bending machine. As the name suggests, this type of sheet metal bending machine consists of three rollers that are mounted in the frame of the machine.

However, the arrangement of the rolls as well as their adjustment depends on the design. The rollers can, for example, be hydraulically or mechanically adjustable so that the entire forming force can be applied to the sheet. There are also differences in the various designs as to whether the 3-roll plate roll machine can only move the top roll or the two side rolls. 3-roll round bending machines are particularly suitable for bending cones.


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