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Large Format Press Brakes

The Most Advanced Giant Press Brakes On The Market

The large format press brake from Accurl is a state-of-the-art industrial machine designed for the precision bending and forming of large metal sheets. Engineered with advanced technology, this press brake offers exceptional accuracy and efficiency in handling a wide range of materials, including steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Its robust construction and high tonnage capacity make it suitable for heavy-duty applications, allowing manufacturers to bend large and thick metal sheets with ease.

Equipped with advanced control systems, the Accurl large format press brake ensures precise control over the bending process, resulting in consistent and high-quality finished products. The user-friendly interface enables operators to program and monitor bending parameters effortlessly, enhancing productivity and reducing setup time. Additionally, the machine’s safety features and ergonomic design prioritize the well-being of operators, making it a reliable and efficient tool for metal fabrication processes.

When you invest in a Tandem Press Brake from Accurl, you are guaranteed a reliable piece of machinery that will provide you with numerous advantages including cutting costs, increased precision, and repeatable quality results.

Accurl Giant Series Press Brake


Industries Accurl Specializes in Serving Include:

Large Capabilities

In today’s large-scale manufacturing industries, production demands have never been higher. This is why businesses rely on Accurl Giant Series Press Brakes to get the job done quickly and efficiently. These machines range from a set of tandem 150-ton machines to 2,200 tons, meaning they have the size and strength to handle even the most complex projects. With a variety of customization options, businesses can tailor their press brake to meet their specific needs. Whether it’s creating large metal components or delicate parts with intricate designs, Accurl Giant Series Press Brakes are up to the task.

Strength & Dependability

In the commercial metal fabrication industry, Accurl’s Giant Series Press Brakes are unrivaled when it comes to reliability. As an essential part of any commercial metal fabrication operation, they will transform your shop. With heavy-duty construction and precision engineering, Accurl’s Giant Series Press Brakes can handle even the most challenging projects. And because they’re built to last, you can be confident that they will provide years of trouble-free service. If you’re looking for a press brake for your commercial metal fabrication shop, Accurl’s Giant Series is the perfect solution.

Our Installs

Accurl is the industry standard for quality, including these features;

  • DELEM DA-58T, DA-66T, and DA-69T CNC 2D/3D touch screen controls
  • 4 – 12 axes CNC
  • Y1, Y2 precision ram positioning
  • Standard BGA-4 for X, R, Z1, Z2-axis (X=31.5 inch, R= 7.8 inch)
  • DELEM Profile T3D offline bending software
  • ACCURL PRO CNC motorized wave crowning
  • Extended open height
  • Extended stroke
  • Extended throat depth
  • HOERBIGER hydraulic valve block, pump and valves
  • High Siemens efficiency motor-class IE3
  • Hybrid ECO Function for energy-saving drive
  • Rear cover: Safety barriers (Category IV)
  • Sheet metal frontal supports
  • Front and rear lighting
  • Industry 4.0 of Productivity Monitor (software version V3.5.3)
  • CE Norms: OEM Embedded Lazersafe Systems PCSS A0 + LZS-2 Block Laser (Category IV)

Press Brake Tooling

A press brake is a machine pressing tool for bending sheet and plate material, most commonly sheet metal. It forms predetermined bends by clamping the workpiece between a matching punch and die. Tooling tolerances should be checked each time a punch and die are selected. It is the operator’s responsibility to ensure the tooling fits the manufacturer’s specifications and make any adjustments necessary.

Commonly Used Press Brake Dies

To extend the service life of the mold, the press brake punch and dies are designed with rounded corners as far as possible. Commonly used press brake dies are as follows:

  • Rocker-Type Dies: These dies bend metal by moving up and down, and side to side.
  • Gooseneck Dies: Used to clear rims that protrude from workpieces also known as flanges.
  • V-Dies: These are used for creating v-shaped bends.
  • Acute-Angle Dies: Used to create acute, obtuse, and right angles.
  • High Precision – The tools should be manufactured to tolerances within the 0.0004-inch range. This is critical to achieving part accuracy without shimming or other tweaks during setup.
  • Segmented Sections – These allow you to build various lengths out of several pre-cut pieces. Small pieces are safer and easier to handle, too.
  • Self-Retaining installation – You should be able to load the tools with the ram up. The tool holding system should hold multiple pieces in place until the clamping pressure is applied.
  • Self-Seating – As clamping pressure is applied, the punches are mechanically pulled up into position. This eliminates the need to bottom the punch into the die during the setup.
  • Front Loading – You should be able to install tools from the front of the machine. This shortens setup time because you no longer need to spend time sliding tools from the end of the press brake. Front-loading eliminates the need for forklifts and overhead cranes.
  • Standard Sizes – Common-height tools can reduce the need for machine adjustments when changing jobs. Front support arms, back gauge heights, and safety devices all remain at a common position. Because tools are made to the same heights, you can add off-the-shelf pieces and be sure they will match your existing tools.


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