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For a long time, you’ve known that your company should buy a press brake, whether it’s your first or one of many. You want to get the best deal possible on a press brake that’s going to fit your needs. But shopping online for one can be tough.

There are dozens of manufactureres, not all equal, and you're feeling slightly overwhelmed. At Moore Machine Tools, we encourage you to share your quotes from Accurpress, Amada, Trumpf, and more. We're confident we'll be able to fulfill your needs at an affordable price.

Dimensions, sizes, costs, and more all factor into whether or not you’re going to buy. Also, talking to numerous sales people can be exhausting. They want to sell you the best press brake on the market, but you’re concerned about more than what’s the best.

You want equipment that’s going to get the job done for you. At Moore Machine Tools, we level the playing field when it comes to press brake equipment. Our mission is to get you the press brake that delivers reliable performance and a long lifespan, as well as safe and adaptable operation.

When you choose Moore Machine Tools, no matter the model, you will find the equipment you need to fit project requirements.

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Accurl USA Premier Press Brakes



For professional industrial workers looking for perfect configuration and user friendliness—the Accurl CNC Press Brake offers this alongside more: versatility, flexibility, and faster production. In comparison to conventional brake machines—this one tops them all! Everything that the Accurl 4 Axis offers, this machine adds to that! Operators will have powerful output that guarantees sensitive bending jobs can be completed perfectly. Furthermore, equipment can be tailored per individual request, so you can have the features included that you need for your specific sheet metal production needs. One of the best features of this machine lies in how it immediately offers automatic axis referencing to improve accuracy. Professionals can be sure that this latest technology makes metal bending projects so much easier, but also, the ROI is out of this world! Choosing this machinery will promise longevity and satisfaction in the metal fabrication market. Go ahead and check it out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. The standard features are listed below:

  • Mono block, welded steel frame rigid to deflection and high tensile with ST44 A1 material.
  • Multiple configurations available.
  • Back gauge system with X, R, Z1, Z2 axis driven by AC servo with colored graphics.
  • HOERBIGER servo hydraulic system.
  • CNC controlled motorized anti-deflection system.
  • Hardened and ground standard sectioned top and 4V-Die bottom tools (835 mm section).
  • Easy to clamp tool holding system with upper and lower tools.
  • Standard graphic controllers can be selected from: DelemDA66T 3D colour graphical touch screen controller, Cybelec Mod Eva 12 S.
  • Electrical panel with cooling system designed to meet CE standards & composed of automation and electrical equipment with SIEMENS
  • Ergonomic user friendly, pendant control panel.
  • Back light safety guards (category-4)
  • Front side covers with safety switches.
  • Synchronization of Y1+Y2 axis provided by linear encoders with 0,01 mm tolerances.
  • This metal forming machine uses foot pedal, is suitable to CE regulation.
  • Sliding front support arms with T slot and mm/inch rulers.
  • Throat depth 410 mm.


This sheet metal NC hydraulic press brake is certainly built using top grade technology to ensure long-term usage, no matter how brutal the job might be! Professionals within the sheet metal industry find this machinery to demonstrate supreme dexterity—and is the simple solution for almost all metal working jobs! There is no doubt that you’ll be able to get precision just where you need it the most in any metal fabrication job. This one might present as simple, but it is extremely powerful. The body design of this machine is fully automated with continuous operation modes that make the work easier for the operator! Safety is also a big priority in the design of this ergonomic friendly machine. In fact, due to the safety barrier and the electrical interlocker—the operator couldn’t ask for a higher level of operation safety! So, when you’re looking for a powerful sheet metal machine that can practically take on any metal bending job safely, effectively and cost efficiently, there’s no need to look further than right here! The standard features are listed below:

  • The brake press is fitted with intermediate upper clamps to prevent wedging
  • Plate support arms
  • Powered adjustment of axis depth
  • Backstop
  • Light guards
  • Top and bottom tooling
  • Estun E21 NC control
  • German Bosch-Rexroth hydraulic system
  • Telemecanique/Schneider Electric components
  • Hydraulic and electrical overload protection
  • Squaring arm and front support arms
  • Delta inverter with ball screw and polished rod with 0.05 mm accuracy

Why Buy from Moore Machine Tools

You have dozens of equipment companies to choose from when it comes to press brakes. It’s no surprise that you could spend months “shopping” for the best machine for your operation and lose out on potential profits due to not acquiring the machine you need. Moore Machine Tools helps you get the equipment you need as soon as possible so that you can get back to producing.


Reason #1. Technological Partner

Moore Machine Tools is a technological partner with a variety of press brake equipment manufacturers. This means that when you choose to work with us, you get a wide variety of brands and options to select from. No more calling a dozen sales people, all with one brand of equipment. You can research, shop, and buy all in one place with Machine Moore Tools.



Reason #2. Press Brake Specialists

While many other sales departments simply sell press brake equipment, the Moore Machine Tools team is an actual expert in the maintenance and operation of the machine. This means that when you’re discussing your next equipment purchase with us, we’re thinking about how the machine will affect your operation, production, and bottom line. Our foresight is a huge advantage to buying with us.


Reason #3. Unprecedented Industry Experience

As mentioned above, Machine Moore Tools partners with numerous equipment manufacturers. The experience that we can tap into to get you the machine you need is unprecedented in the industry. The decades of collective experience that we can call upon gives you a unique opportunity to find the equipment that will fit your needs for years to come.

What to Consider When Selecting a New Press Brake

Once you decide to buy a new press brake (or multiple), you want to ensure you take on the responsibility properly. It’s an exciting process that can affect the next decade of machine use. Here’s what you ought to consider when buying a new press brake:

#1. Workpieces

You want to consider the parts that you will need to modify or adjust to fit your press brake needs. The brand and type of machine is pretty straightforward, and the team at Machine Moore Tools can help you find the best one for your needs. However, the parts of the machine can get even more specific and detailed. Knowing your operation and understanding what you want to accomplish with your press brake is a huge benefit in the buying process. While it can be easy to just call up some reps and tell them the serial number and brand of your last press brake, knowing which workpieces you need to get your job done can shorten the time to equipment acquisition and get your business back to operation.

#2. Deflection

How much deflection do you expect to occur in your machine. The type of material plays a huge role in determining deflection. For example heavy steel will require more workload while aluminum requires less. It all depends on the operation and use of material. Have an idea of this before you start looking for a new press brake, and speed up the buying process.

#3. Parts Radius

The inside radius of parts is crucial to the operation of your press brake. For example, knowing whether you need an inside radius that is less or more than the thickness of the material you’re using can change quite a lot when choosing a press brake. Knowing this information can help your equipment rep serve you much easier in the buying process.

#4. Accuracy

How accurate do you need your bends? A press brake with angular accuracy of +/- 1 degree cannot be changed, which would mean you need to consider a CNC press brake. Knowing how accurate you need bends helps you determine which piece of equipment you actually need, what type of machine, and, ultimately, the cost of said machines.

#5. Tooling

Don’t assume that since you have a rack full of tooling that it will function with the new press brake machine you’re interested in purchasing. In fact, it’s best to measure your tooling rack and triple check that it will fit with your new press brake before you buy it. In a majority of cases, the accuracy of tooling should be at +/- 0.001 inch per foot and should not exceed +/- 0.005 inch in overall length. It’s common to make the mistake of buying a new press brake but not consider how the tooling rack will function with the new equipment, if at all.

#6. Flange

How wide is the flange at the front of the machine you’re about to purchase. A common mistake in buying new press brakes is to not take a look at the flange width. The tonnage of pressure that’s expected to bend material can vary, and the flange width on the material can add more weight than expected. For example, sheet metal being bent at a 90-degree angle may need 7.5 tons of pressure to accomplish. Lowering a flange of this size can weigh nearly 300 pounds, which would require a crane or a collection of strong workers. The flange width is crucial in determining operation plausibility.

Here is a list of other factors to consider when buying a new press brake, as well:

  • Length
  • Tonnage
  • Daylight and stroke
  • Throat
  • Tool clamping
  • Tool adapters
  • Back gauge
  • Compensation systems
  • Energy saving systems
  • Front support arms and sheet followers
  • Angle control systems
  • Optionals and accessories

Keep in mind, too, that press brakes are simple machines with much potential for pieces, parts, and more. It’s imperative that you work with a company like Moore Machine Tools to assist you in finding the machine that will work best for your operation. Going with the inexpensive machine to save on cost hamstrings your ability to make more later. It’s best to get the machine that works for you.

AccurlUSA Electric Servo CNC Press Brake

AccurlUSA 6’ X 66T GeniusPro CNC Press Brake - Walk around

AccurlUSA CNC GeniusPro Press Brake 13' X 242T

The 7 Benefits of a Proper Press Brake

Now that you know what to look for in a press brake, so that you can work with a Moore Machine Tools rep, you may be curious about the benefits of choosing the proper press brake for your operation. You aren’t buying a one-size-fits-all piece of equipment. It should be custom tailored to fit your needs.


Benefit #1: Increased Performance

When you choose the proper press brake for your operation, you have the opportunity to increase performance by as much as 10% via cycle times. A proper press brake allows you to shorten cycle times and increase overall production. This can lead to a variety of benefits like better bottom line, more revenue, and increased profits.


Benefit #2: Position Accuracy

As one of the major factors to consider when buying a press brake, position accuracy is also a benefit that can directly affect your equipment operation. An accurate press brake saves you time and money. Delivering a higher quality of work in less time can make you more money. Accuracy is a huge factor in achieving this.


Benefit #3: Energy Efficiency

Press brake energy efficiency can improve your bottom line while still getting the results you need in operation and production. A more efficient press brake does more than cut energy costs, but it allows you to invest those savings into other parts of the business. Or, you can get you another press brake.


Benefit #4: Stroke Flexibility

Press brakes can only stroke so fast before they start to lose accuracy. Flexible stroke accuracy allows you to adjust your press brake to fit your needs at a speed that improves production speeds. Thus, you decrease bottom line and increase revenue..


Benefit #5: Reduced Noise

The proper press brake can reduce noise down to a whisper. Old, worn out, or certain brands make a ton of noise while in operation. While noise isn’t a bad thing, it can still cause some issues during operation. A whisper quiet press brake makes your facility easier to work in, which makes your workforce happier.


Benefit #6: Cost Effective

Better press brake technology and machinery facilitates less time and effort needed for installation while maintaining all the benefits listed above. This makes the cost of a press brake better, even if it costs more, due to it reducing cycle time, increasing production, taking less time to install, and is easier to maintain. Potential costs are reduced too with a simpler press brake machine, too.


Benefit #7: Environmentally Friendly

The advancement in press brake technology also offers you the ability to use less oil. This makes the equipment more environmentally friendly with the use of less oil. If you’re green conscious, you can have a positive impact on the world around you simply by purchasing the proper press brake.

What to Expect From Moore Machine Tools

When you choose to partner with Moore Machine Tools to find the press brake equipment you need, you will be taken through a very straightforward, easy process from first contact to final deal. The process assists you and our team in finding you the best press brake possible for you.

#1. First Contact

You will reach out to Moore Machine Tools, and we will work with you to schedule an initial consultation call. For most, this first contact can vary. You can call us directly, submit a form on our website, or email us. It all depends on how you prefer to communicate.

#2. Consultation

Once we get a consultation scheduled, we will meet, either in person or over the phone and discuss your needs. Press brakes come in various brands, types, sizes, and more. So, the consultation process can be quite extensive and require more than one meeting to determine everything you need from us.

#3. Equipment

The Moore Machine Tools team will do their very best in determining which press brake will be the best fit for your operation. Once we know this, we can then start offering you press brake options. While press brake equipment is simple in function, they are certainly complex in modification to fit your needs. We will narrow down to the press brake that works best for you.

#4. Deal

Finally, we will draw up a deal for us both to sign to confirm your purchase of your new press brake. This process is straightforward, and we remain transparent with everything. At Moore Machine Tools, our mission is to assist you in finding and purchasing the best press brake machine on the market that meets all your needs.

#5. Partnership

When you purchase from Moore Machine Tools, a partnership begins. Our team does not do one-off sales. We work to stay in contact with you, help in any way we can, and get you even more equipment you need later down the road. Our team is available to you in full force to get your press brake up and running as well as advice on how to maintain it.

Searching for a new press brake? Give Moore Machine Tools a call today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Press Brakes

Machine tools often take a little research to understand, even for people who have experience with manufacturing. When it comes to investing in something like one of our press brakes, we always recommend doing as much due diligence as possible to ensure you’re getting the right machine tool for your needs. While one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will always be available by call to go over any press brake questions you may have, we thought we’d list some answers to frequently asked questions about these machine tools.


We level the playing field and offer industrial specialist the best press brake machines possible. Not only are these priced at the most affordable value, they provide reliability and longevity when you need it the most! When you’re looking for economic benefits, you don’t want to forsake quality at all, and we make sure that doesn’t happen. Most importantly, safety and adaptability are cornerstones of our press brake machines!

No matter what model you choose, or what brand you go with—you can meet your project needs exactly the way you expect to. For instance, our Accurl ECO series not only offers superior performance, but it is economically more advantageous in a variety of ways.

Now, when you have a larger project in the making and you need more flexibility too, sheet metal professionals might prefer to go with the AccurlUSA Giant Series! The AccurlUSA machinery is specialized specifically for large sheet metal jobs, and professionals can certainly modernize and boost productivity with these! Are you ready to get some of the most superior hydraulic and electronic engineering tools today?