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MasterLINE 6Kw-15Kw Fiber Laser


Welcome to the cutting-edge world of precision and efficiency – welcome to the Accurl MasterLINE Fiber Laser. As pioneers in advanced laser technology, Accurl has unleashed the power of innovation to redefine the standards of metal fabrication. The MasterLINE series stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence, combining cutting-edge fiber laser technology with unparalleled precision and performance.

Designed for the modern industrial landscape, the Accurl MasterLINE Fiber Laser is a state-of-the-art solution that empowers manufacturers, fabricators, and artisans to elevate their production capabilities.

The MasterLINE series is engineered to meet and exceed your expectations.

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If you want the best fiber lasers on the market, then Accurl is a great choice. The MasterLINE fiber laser machine provides high-quality cuts every single time and is highly dependable. With easy-to-use technology and even easier-to-understand software, your new industrial fiber laser will be able to help your business as soon as it’s installed.

Software and CNC: User-Friendly and Efficient

Accurl offers customers advanced software solutions to connect, manage, and monitor the whole cycle of operations involved during the production of your parts. The software provides the interaction between the various steps of production operation flow.

Accurl Fiber Laser Body 1

Compact and Capable of Outstanding Performance

Accurl MasterLINE is one of the markets’ most complete, compact and configurable sheet metal laser cutter, designed to evolve with your needs. No worries about the space required: MasterLINE has a very compact and configurable layout to fit the available space and processing requirements.

Auto Changing Pallet Table System

The double pallet changer is designed to increase productivity and minimize the material preparation time. The pallet changer allows the loading of raw material sheets or the unloading of finished parts onto one pallet while the other pallet is on duty.
Accurl Fiber Laser Body 2

Beckhoff CNC Control Unit

Accurl MasterLINE fits the most recent BECKHOFF Numerical Control Solution: picking top-of-the-range components means guaranteeing better usability and a higher degree of reliability over time. and the system may be connected to the company LAN to exchange data and allow quick and easy production setup and connects securely to the Internet (VPN) to receive remote assistance in case of need.

  • INTEL® Core (TM) i5-6500 processor – 8Gb RAM – CPU 3.20 GHz.
  • Display 21” LCD TFT XVGA with anti-glare screen Touch Screen.
  • User High-speed EtherCAT communication
  • Scratch-resistant keyboard, anti-oil, anti acid with IP65 protection.
  • Manual movement of all axes by joystick.
  • Dynamic and integrated cutting head height control.
  • Anti collision system.
  • Automatic function for the detection of the sheet metal on the work table.

Precitec Cutting Head

The cutting head provides maximum and flexible performance in a minimum of space. It generates the perfect beam for all materials in all thicknesses for laser powers up to 12 kW and is therefore the ultimate all-rounder for your flatbed system.

  • Motorized focus position adjustment
  • Zoom optics for automatic adjustment of the focus diamete
  • Drift-free, fast-reacting distance measurement
  • Permanent protective window monitoring
  • completely dustproof beam path with protective windows
  • automated piercing with PierceTec
  • water cooling of the sheet metal with CoolTec
  • LED operating status display
  • Pressure monitoring in the nozzle area (gas cutting) and in the head


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