Accurl Genius Prime Press Brake

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Genius Prime Press Brake

The Genius Prime press brake combines Accurl’s tradition of quality with technology looking to the future. This press brake can increase working speeds, precision, and results while saving on energy costs. Its user-friendly 2D graphical control unit simulates bending sequences and collision points for results that you can depend on. The Genius Prime has increased the capabilities of the Genius series with the use of a hybrid servo-driven back gauge, a DELEM DA58T controller, an embedded DSP Laser Safety System, and more. The Genius Prime press brake delivers on all fronts for a machine tool that has the capabilities to cut costs and increase production while maintaining the high safety standards required in manufacturing environments.

When you invest in an Accurl Genius Prime press brake, you are guaranteed a reliable piece of machinery that will provide you with numerous advantages including cutting costs, increasing precision, and quality repeatability.

Accurl Genius Prime Press Brake

  • Delem DA58T CNC Control Unit
  • DSP Laser Safety System
  • CNC Accurl Backgauge System
  • Foot Pedals
  • Accurl Quick Clamp System
  • CNC Clever Crowning
  • Front Material Supports
  • New Hybrid Eco-function
  • Comes In Multiple Colors
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Machine Information

Delem is recognized as an industry leader in CNC control panels. They are known for their efficiency and also their high-quality design and construction. With a Delem control unit, you can harness the full power and ability of the Accurl Genius Prime press brake.

  • 15” high-resolution color TFT (touch screen control)
  • 2D graphical touchscreen programming mode
  • 2D visualisation in simulation and production
  • CNC Crowning Control/Bend Sequence Calculation
  • Visual tooling library
  • Tooling and parts library with 1 GB storage
  • Automatically optimizes for best bend sequence and identification with collision detection

All of Accurl’s back gauges for their machines are engineered to be a solid structure. This is a key value proposition for Accurl machines as this provides absolute assurance for the best repetitiveness and a high level of precision.

The DSP-AP generates visible laser protection compliant with EN12622 regulations. The beam protects the press brake operator from the danger of being crushed between upper and lower tools. The DSP Safety System represents the evolution in press brake safety to the inefficient light curtains or obsolete single-beam protections.

This device reduced the mute point – or speed change point – to up to 4 mm from the sheet metal, thus permitting a remarkable saving in the duration of the bending cycle. The amount of time that can be saved by DSP-AP concerning a conventional system is about 1.2 seconds per bend. Safety features also include blanking for automatic recognition of boxes and profiles with sidewalls.

Supports in the “Safe Release” system were designed to unhook without damage in case of a collision with tools or other objects. Plus, they can be equipped with a CNC-controlled motorized positioning, where the transmitter and receiver are automatically positioned at the correct height depending on tools and working conditions.

Accurl machines are made to last the test of time and the stress of hours upon hours of continuous work. The steel frames of our machines undergo annealing at over 600 degrees to relieve stress.

  • Stable base and stiff frame
  • Deformation stimulation made by CAE
  • Stress points analysis
  • High-tech boring machines provide extreme precision parts

Sturdy design for reliable production and usage.

Accurl machines also come in a variety of color options.

The future of the industry is digital, and Accurl is staying ahead of the curve with our ad-hoc software tools, allowing you to extract data and share it easily. Information that you have at your fingertips includes bending programming, sensor information, production statistics, and more!

Fully utilize the power of on-demand data.

With the SPA Thin support system, you can bend thinner sheets and rely on each to always be correctly positioned and guided. This system is installed in the fingers of the back gauge and can be activated with predefined bending. This enables the plate to slide until it lies adjacent to the back gauge. As a result, you can rely on:

  • Even the most delicate surfaces are protected by the back supports’ ball sliders and brush.
  • Load capacity: 30 kg per support.

As the market leader, the WILA Tooling System can provide you reliable precision, quality, and flexibility that can ultimately increase your productivity. The changeover process becomes easier and safer with WILA’s state-of-the-art clamp system. Together with the Smart Tool Locator® (STL) you can enjoy ultimate efficiency in changing tools. You will also have:

  • A hydraulic power source
  • Quick clamping for Europe-style tooling
  • Loading with simple push-button
  • Maximum load head/shoulders 180 t/m
  • Premium is available

These supports are controlled by the CNC and follow and support the sheet during the bending process. They consist of supports on the front of the machine, at the height of the bending line. With this effect accessory, you can experience these advantages:

  • Automatic bending follower support.
  • AP 1 – AP2 interpolated axes controlled by the CNC machine.
  • Bend up to 70 degrees.
  • 180 kg. per support load capacity.
  • Brush and support shaft dim 350×900 — up to 1200 mm.

Accurl is the industry standard for quality. But, What does that specifically mean?

  • DELEM DA-58T CNC control unit with 2D graphics
  • 4+1 axis CNC
  • Y1, Y2 precision ram positioning
  • Standard BGA-2 for X, R, (manual) Z1, Z2-axis ( X=31.5 inch, R= 7.8 inch)
  • DELEM offline bending software, Profile TL
  • ACCURL PRO CNC motorized wave crowning
  • Large trio of value

  • Large open height
  • Large stroke
  • Large throat depth
  • HOERBIGER hydraulic valve block, pump and valves
  • High Siemens efficiency motor-class IE3
  • Hybrid ECO Function for energy-saving drive
  • Rear cover: Safety barriers (Category IV)
  • Sheet metal frontal supports
  • Front and rear lighting
  • Industry 4.0 of Productivity Monitor (software version V3.5.3)
  • CE Norms: OEM Embedded Lazersafe Systems PCSS A0 + LZS-2 Block Laser (Category IV)

WILA Smart Tool Locator: For Optimum Productivity

LEDs built-in to your machine indicate the right clamping position of your tooling during set-up; in production mode, it also indicates the active tool location. With STL, you can count on increased speed, precision, and flexibility that will provide significant effects to your overall production.

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