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The Bending Evolution

Experience a manufacturing revolution with the VRM Plate Roll by Haeusler. This state-of-the-art machine is at the forefront of technology, seamlessly integrating into manufacturing processes to deliver unmatched efficiency and precision. Crafted with precision engineering and a focus on innovation, the VRM Plate Roll embodies Haeusler’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of manufacturing capabilities. Its intuitive features are designed to streamline production, guaranteeing superior results with every use.

Take your manufacturing to new heights with the VRM Plate Roll from Haeusler – where precision meets technology.

VRM Front Plate Roll


Developed for Continuous Use

The Haeusler VRM 4-roll round bending machine was developed for “HEAVY DUTY” use. 365 days – 24 hours, the Haeusler VRM always does its job. In addition, the optimised bending geometry allows the smallest possible bending ends to be realised. The VRM bending machine is the result of more than 50 years of continuous development work. Coupled with the new patented Haeusler BENDtronic® control system, it is now the benchmark for 4-roll bending machines. Of course in proven Haeusler quality – Swiss made.

Elevate your manufacturing capabilities with the Haeusler VRM Plate Roll, where innovation meets efficiency.

VRM Plate Roll

VRM Angle Shot of Front of Plate Roll

The VRM 4-roll round bending machine makes bending processes intuitive and stress-free. This starts with the alignment of the sheet at the outlet side roller. The sheet is automatically aligned by the machine, which saves the use of lifting gear and auxiliary personnel. During the entire bending process, there is no idle movement of the workpiece due to the bending of both ends of the sheet in the same pass. The VRM bending machine does not require the sheet to be aligned twice, as is the case with 3-roll machines, due to the automatic bending of the second end of the sheet. The sheet therefore remains clamped between the upper and lower rolls during the entire bending process. The VRM automatically adjusts the straight remaining cylinder end to the shortest possible dimension. This saves you work steps and increases manufacturing capabilities while saving time and money.

4 Roller Safe Drive

The drive of the VRM 4-roll round bending machine by upper and lower rolls offers enormous advantages during the bending process. When bending even the thinnest sheets, the workpiece is optimally transported. The sheet is securely clamped between the top and bottom rollers so there is no chance of the sheet slipping on the rollers. The design of the VRM encompasses all four rollers mounted on roller bearings. This design means that there are no lubrication problems in the roller bearings. Therefore, no frictional power has to be dissipated in the form of heat, as is the case with plain bearings. This increases manufacturing uptime.

Bending Machine Automation

The hydraulic system of the VRM sheet bending machine automatically regulates the speed compensation between the upper and lower rolls.  At the same time, the pressure relief valves protect the machine from overload. Thus, the bottom roller lowers itself according to the sheet thickness even with double sheet entry.
In addition, an automatic pressure compensation system for the bottom roller is installed in the VRM 4-roller bending machine. This means that the same pressure is applied at both ends of the cylinder to be rounded and the cylinder diameter is thus the same at both ends.

Centralized Control

The operation of the VRM  is efficient. The complete bending process can be operated by just one person via a central, mobile control panel. All control elements are brought together there. In addition, the bending machine can be operated and controlled from both sides. This save time, resources, and increases ROI.

VRM 4-Roll Plate Roll

The VRM 4-roll round bending machine has many advantages to offer. In the whitepaper, you will learn more about the advantages of the VRM machine and the bending process. You will get to know the VRM in detail and see how Haeusler can help increase your production capabilities.

VRM Whitepaper Cover

VRM Plate Roll Whitepaper

Download the Haeusler whitepaper to learn more about the advantages of the VRM 4-Roll Plate Rolling machine.

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