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HDR 3-Plate Bending Machine

Haeusler quality and expertise paired with durability and low operating costs is exactly what you get with the 3-roll plate bending machine HDR from Haeusler. The HDR has individually adjustable bending geometry of the bottom rolls, which enables the rolling of very thick plates as well as small diameters. The best-manufactured bending results can be achieved thanks to the use of the patented top roll adjustment by using only pressure-loaded cylinders resulting in machine symmetry.

A machine as flexible as its variable geometry.

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Power Made Simple

There a different designs of 3-roll bending machines, with the most advanced design characterized by its variable adjustment of the rolls. Following this variable machine geometry, the Haeusler HDR allows linear adjustment of the 2 bottom rolls independently from each other, while the top roll can be adjusted vertically. All 3 rolls can be driven, inclined roll setting enables cone bending. This design principle offers significant advantages regarding the minimization of flat ends, the best bending quality, and workpiece handling. In addition, the HDR system is the only concept where the bending geometry can be set variably. This means that the deformable wall thicknesses can be adjusted according to the position of the bottom rolls within the performance range of the machine. The smaller the asymmetry of the bottom rolls to the top roll, the greater the possible wall thicknesses by accepting longer flat ends. The maximum deformable wall thickness is obtained with the symmetrical position of the bottom rolls. Due to this functional principle, even the thickest plates can be bent with relatively low forces and thus extremely economically.

Specific Features of the HDR

The unique design features of the HDR 3-roll round bending machine contribute to the high quality and long service life of the machine. The base frame offers maximum stability under the bending forces exerted and consists of a compact, closed design. The rollers of the round bending machine are also manufactured to be extremely stable with high-alloy and non-surface-hardened steel to prevent cracks on the rollers. The rollers are driven by a high-quality 3-roller drive, which enables precise panel handling and high traction.

Advantages Compared to Other 3-Plate Bending Machines

The Haeusler HDR bending machine differs in many ways from other 3-roll bending machines on the market. The symmetrical design of the HDR ensures accurate and optimal bending results. It is difficult to achieve a good bending result on machines with an asymmetrical design. The four used and identical pressure cylinders of the HDR plate roll offer considerable advantages compared to outdated designs of competitors, such as highly accurate synchronization.

Additional Advantages of the New Design

Since the bearings and frame of the new Haeusler HDR design are absolutely symmetrical, the bending machine ensures high bending quality. In addition, the movements of the top roller are realized by two identical cylinders, which in turn are 100 percent symmetrical. This results in high bending accuracy during the bending process. In addition to these aspects, the HDR 3-roll round bending machine has numerous other advantages to offer. This sets it apart from other 3-roll bending machines on the market in many areas.

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