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The Bending Evolution

The Haeusler EVO Plate Roll revolutionizes manufacturing with its cutting-edge technology. This precision-engineered machine seamlessly integrates into manufacturing processes, offering unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. Designed with innovation in mind, the EVO Plate Roll exemplifies Haeusler’s commitment to advancing manufacturing capabilities. Its intuitive features streamline production and ensure superior results.

Elevate your manufacturing experience with the Haeusler EVO Plate Roll – where technology meets precision.

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High Productivity with Simple Operation

The Haeusler EVO Plate Roll, a cutting-edge manufacturing solution, is equipped with innovative features designed to elevate your manufacturing processes. Engineered to enhance production capacity and productivity, this state-of-the-art machine ensures the lowest total cost of ownership. Boasting high-quality components, a standout feature is the latest iteration of the BENDtronic control system, now a standard installation across all EVO plate roll machines.

This patented control system with autonomous bending, incorporating artificial intelligence, revolutionizes the manufacturing landscape by optimizing bending results right from the initial stages. The BENDtronic system is not only advanced but also intuitive, providing ease of operation for manufacturing professionals.

Elevate your manufacturing capabilities with the Haeusler EVO Plate Roll, where innovation meets efficiency.

Haeusler Hybrid Drive System

HHDS Comparison Working Speed
HHDS Working Costs

The two graphs above illustrate the two major advantages of the Haeusler Hybrid Drive System. 60% faster speed, which is particularly interesting for bending and calibrating large diameter shells, and the huge savings potential in maintenance costs that can be achieved by using the Haeusler Hybrid Drive System.

VSA Technology



The new VSA technology allows the operator to bend either very heavy wall thicknesses or very small diameters. This is realized by a unique adjustment of the bending geometry. The EVO is the only 4-roll plate bender with this unique feature. This means you are now in a position to get a machine with up to 85% more bending moment compared to conventional bending machines. Additionally, you get the possibility to use super small interchangeable top rolls for bending tight diameters.

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For even more insights and information on the Haeusler EVO Plate Roll, please download our catalog.

Standard Equipment

Features of the EVO Plate Roll

Standard Features

  • Variable swing arm adjustment of the VSA® side rollers
  • HAEUSLER Hybrid Drive System (HHDS)

  • Movable 21.5″ touch control panel including high-end

  • BENDtronic® control system
  • Continuously adjustable rotation speed between 0 and 26 ft/min
  • Machine prepared for remote maintenance

  • Electro-mechanical holding system for the rotation of the top roller

  • Automatic pressure readjustment of the bottom roller

  • Automatic pressure compensation of the bottom roller cylinders
  • Standard cooling system for ambient temperatures up to 95° F

  • Automated axis optimization
  • Automatic switch-off of the hydraulics for the position of the rollers

  • Ultra-compact design to reduce or even eliminate foundation costs

  • Safety ripcord

Optional Features

  • Two-roller drive of the top and bottom roller
  • Cone bending device, for bending conically shaped workpieces

  • Extended cooling system for ambient temperatures up to 113° F

  • Upper support, for easier bending of large diameters

  • Lateral support, for support when bending large diameters

  • Gas pressure accumulator, for calibrating already welded cylinders
  • BendIT-Office

  • Autonomous bending
  • Machine prepared for quick change of top rollers
  • Interchangeable top rollers with different diameters, for bending small diameter wefts

  • Hardened rollers if black and stainless material is to be bent

  • Infeed roller conveyor for easy feeding of the sheets into the machine

  • Centring device for the infeed roller table, for automatic centring of the sheets before bending


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