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Vento Nukon Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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Posted on : October 7, 2016
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Nukon Vento fiber laser cutting metal with speed and precision in a nice whole pattern.

– The machine can be produced in the following working sheet sizes:
1500×3000 mm
2000×4000 mm

– The fiber laser has a module structure. For example, if you want to change resonator type after a certain period, you can just do it by adding new modules. (ie; from 1kW resonator to 2kW resonator).

– The laser beam is relayed to the cutting head through fiber optic cable without any loss. You can, thus get a superior cutting accuracy and quality.

– With low power consumption, it is user-friendly as well as environment efficient.

– The Main body is robust and rigid.

– A Convenient system for releasing slags and materials.

– Automatic dual palette swaps hydraulic shuttle system.

– Work area illumination for standard view.

– Cutting of all related types – Mild Steel, Copper, and Aluminum and Brass materials is possible.

– ISO-9001 TSE and CE certified.

Contact Matt Moore for details: 424-355-9040