The Advantages of A Fiber Laser

The Advantages of A Fiber Laser

Fiber lasers are like any other laser; they use the same physics and principles but have a number of properties that set it apart from the others. It’s basically an optical fiber indulged with earth elements like ytterbium, neodymium, dysprosium that produce light amplification without lasing. The technology is created by semiconductor diodes and optical fiber two of the most sophisticated laser technologies at this point in time. With this technology there is no need to continue to replace mirrors reducing the maintenance and dropping your operating costs. The wavelength of the technology is ten times less than standard lasers speeding up production time immensely. Below are a few more advantages that a company may obtain by embracing this new technology:

  • Laser cutting, welding, folding of polymers and metals all benefit from using fiber lasers as light is already embedded into the flexible fiber.
  • They are now lower cost than older solid state lasers and can make surface acoustic waves
  • The technology offers maintenance free, high temps and vibrations stability making the lifespan of the product much longer.
  • Faster and smoother cutting edges are achieved by the additional power and better quality beam.
  • Marking and Engraving is easier given the top peak power and nano second pulsing
  • The smaller compact size is due to the fiber being able to be flexible and coiled into a small space

Now that you have seen some of the benefits lets explain how the fiber laser is different then traditional lasers. Basically the laser encasement is developed monolithically by fusion splicing using the materials listed in the first paragraph. A Bragg reflector is constructed in an optical fiber that reflects particular wavelengths of light which in turn provide the optical feedback.

There are a number of lasers that are recommend to you based your needs and wants including NF-PRO 420 SERIES, NF-PRO 620 SERIES, NF-PRO VENTO SERIES, REX PP 315 SERIES and the ECO S-LINE SERIES. When customizing some of the machines individuals have the ability to laser up to 50’, making them a very versatile

In short, you can see that there are many advantages to using Fiber Lasers. With this advancement in technology you can see the difference it could make in your business. The products save you time, money and energy.