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What are Water Jets?

Benefits of Water Jets

Waterjets, or waterjet cutters, are an industrial cutting tool capable of severing a large variety of materials, from wood to metal. They are able to accomplish this by creating a very high pressured “jet” of water, often mixed with another abrasive substance. When industrial materials need to be cut using a method that doesn’t involve heat, a waterjet is a great choice of machine tool.

Most industrial waterjets will be abrasive waterjets, meaning they use a mixture of water and an abrasive substance in order to better cut a material. A pure waterjet is a waterjet that doesn’t use an abrasive mixture, and is generally used for purposes of cutting materials like wood or rubber.

Here at Moore Machine Tools, our CNC abrasive water jets are able to perform precise manufacturing cuts at scale. If you are looking to increase production with a high-quality machine tool, then Moore Machine Tools has the solution.

  • Precision X-Y Axis rigidly mounted to the cutting table
  • No Heat-Affected Zone
  • No Mechanical Stresses
  • Easy installation
  • Very Narrow Kerf
  • No need for Secondary Operations
  • Smooth Surface
  • Can Cut Various Materials
  • Can Process Extremely Detailed Parts
  • Minimal loss of material
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • CE safety specifications
  • Fastest cutting speeds and best precision compared to any abrasivejet in the industry and is backed by our exclusive WEIHONG ® Software with real world cutting data
  • High efficiency USA Hypertherm pump systems available with operating efficiencies up to 90%.
  • 17”LCD liquid crystal display
  • DNC on-line working function
  • Functions of returning arbitrary point, bending, .
  • Function of cutting figure imitation display.
  • 80GB memory hard disk
  • MITSUBISHI AC servo driver and motor.
  • 1GB memory card
  • Multilingual function(Chinese English ,etc.,)
  • Drive-by-wire and hand-hold controller,(according to requests)

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