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The Sheet Laser Cutting MasterLINE Series machine can be  custom-built to fit your production needs but is commonly produced in the following working sheet sizes:

  • 5ft x 10ft
  • 6ft x 12ft
  • 6ft x 20ft

IPG/MAX Photonics 3KW~15KW

ACCURL FS-8000 Laser Cutting CNC Controller

BLT 6 Series High-Power Smart Cutter


What You Get With ACCURL MasterLINE Fiber Laser

Experience unparalleled production efficiency with swift pallet changes and a robust mechanical structure, ensuring undisputed speed and precision.

Utilize the integrated laser parameter database, covering various materials and thicknesses, enabling immediate production readiness for any task.

Ideal for unmanned operations, thanks to versatile sheet loading, unloading, and storage solutions. Seamlessly integrate with your company network for Industry 4.0 readiness, ensuring a future-proof manufacturing environment.

ACCURL FS-8000 Laser Cutting CNC Controller

FSCUT8000 is an EtherCAT bus system designed for ultra high power fiber laser above 10KW, featured by out-of-box service that is easy to install and adjust and has full solution functions. It supports customization, automation, and informatization solutions, and is the leading-edge EtherCAT laser-cutting control system on the market.

BLT 6 Series


The BLT421 cutting head comes with a revolutionary compact design and offers unmatched stable and precise operation. Achieve high-cutting edge quality, and reduce service costs and downtime with the new laser cutting head from BOCI.






Master machine tool dynamics, processing information, task categories, processing progress, and alarm notification time.

Stable and Efficient Cutting


Smart and Safe Processing

Groups of internal sensors for real-time closed-loop monitor.

High cutting-edge quality

The ultra-stable and drift-free distance sensor system is the basis for smooth and right-angled cutting edges with minimal burr. Even at very high accelerations, it guarantees a constant distance between the component and the head. Cooling of the head provides reproducible results in series production.

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