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Accurl Master Guillotine Shears Master MS Series


The ACCURL Master Cut series CNC variable rake shear is one of the most advanced production shears available today.
From 0.25-inch up to 1-inch shearing capacity, these highly developed machines yield the most flexibility you can possibly get in a modern shearing machine.

  • Laser Safety on rear of machine
  • Heavy duty steel construction & Stress relieved frame
  • User friendly CNC Touchscreen (Delem DAC-360P)
  • Automatically adjusted rake angle by CNC
  • Automatically adjusted cutting length by CNC
  • Automatically adjusted blade gap by CNC
  • Ball transfers on front tables
  • Ball screw back gauge-39″, with tilt-up feature.
  • Flip-up area on finger guards 39”
  • Squaring arm with scale, flip stop and T-Slot
  • Support arms
  • Illumination & Shadow line
  • Adjustable hold down pressure
  • Top and bottom blades with four sides

DELEM DAC360t CNC Control Unit

Accurl has chosen the very powerful new generation DELEM DAC360T control, which provides a user-friendly and versatile touch control solution for our hydraulic shears. 

  • 7″ widescreen TFT Color LCD display
  • Back / front gauge control
  • Panel based housing
  • Retract function
  • Cutting angle and gap control
  • Stroke length limitation
  • Manual movement of all axes
  • Force control
  • Return to Sender function
  • Program memory for 100 programs
  • Sheet support system
  • Sheet thickness measurement system

Pneumatic Sheet Support System

The pneumatic sheet support system prevents the sheets from bending and warping under unsupported weight. It also helps ensure proper back gauge measurement.

This system also helps distribute the force more evenly on your cutting materials, keeping it stable and reducing the possibility of damage to your materials and your machine. 

Excellence Comes Standard

With Accurl hydraulic shears, you can expect a machine that performs consistently and makes good on marketing promises. Here are the details of what you can expect from your machine:

  • Solid monolithic structure
  • Cylinders mounted in line with the blade cross-holder
  • Down holders with self-adjusting pressure according to the cutting strength required
  • Blade holder guided all along the cutting length
  • Back gauge with rack and pinion movement on linear guide
  • Squaring arm with retractable reference stops and millimeter ruler
  • Bench with U-shaped profiles and balls
  • Front supports with balls
  • Blades with two cutting edges
  • Cutting line with LED lighting
  • Automatic adjustment of the cutting angle and length based on the material and thickness to be cut

Other Key Features

Accurl guillotine shears have an additional hydraulic adjustment system of cylinders in comparison to others on the market. These apply pressure on sheet metal and self-adjust according to the thickness and resistance of the material.

The support stand has “U” shaped-forms and sliding balls that are also equipped with a groove that houses the supports and square.

An LED light accurately produces a shadow on the cutting path making it easy to locate due to a transparent, plastic screen on the front guard.

The support square consists of a millimeter ruler, reference stops, and scroll balls.

The back gauge adjustment is equipped with a rack and pinion movement on the linear guide. As a result of this setup, damage and additional stress on the mechanism is prevented.

The Accurl system simplifies operation and facilitates the highest level of accuracy, It is self-adjusting and so prolongs the life of the machine.

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