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What is fiber laser technology?

Benefits of Fiber Laser Technology

High capacity fiber lasers are made in the combination of two most creative and sophisticated laser technologies: effective optical fiber and semiconductor diodes. The lasers activate the diode as the source of light to impel the active fiber. In the optical fiber, the laser ray is generated and then relayed by flexible resistant wire. Quality active fibers and rare-earth ions are doped together facilitating high power generation of an extremely small core that efficiently produces powerful lasers of one kilowatt with superior beam quality. IPG undertakes a number of proprietary technologies to produce consistent and powerful (kilowatts) fiber lasers for the existing and potential market.

Our fiber laser cutting machines are designed to take your production into the future with some of the most advanced laser technologies on the market. We utilize semiconductor laser diodes and active optical fiber together for a machine that offers ease of use as well as many other benefits that will not only create smoother, more efficient production but also save you time and money.

  • Cut “problematic” materials such as brass, copper, and aluminum
  • Improve focus
  • Increase the rate of cutting
  • Lower heat dissipation
  • Have smoother cut surfaces
Fiber Laser Sparks

How do fiber laser cutting machines work?

Infrared radiation is generated by a high number of laser diodes. High-quality laser beams are then produced by “Bragg mirrors.” The quality of these laser beams is unwavering up to 50 meters — which means precision cutting is guaranteed. A laser beam is transmitted from the resonator to the cutting head over fiber, meaning no mirrors are needed and production costs are reduced. Additionally, clearing and adjustment are not needed for external optics.

Benefits of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

There are numerous laser cutting systems on the market, but fiber lasers come with a host of benefits. This is especially true for manufacturing purposes. Here are some of the advantages unique to a fiber laser;

  • Fiber lasers offer a measure of control that other machine tools can’t match. You determine with greater precision the beam length, intensity, duration, and heat output among other aspects of your manufacturing needs. This allows for meticulously precise cuts.
  • Because of the exceptional level of control, fiber lasers are used in some capacity in a wide array of industries, including aerospace, automotive, battery, electronic, printing, solar, and education. 
  • Fiber laser cutting machines are easy to set up and can be set up to run multiple functions. This is because most of the laser processes (laser marking, laser engraving, laser cutting, laser drilling) are similar, making them easy to switch seamlessly.
  • Unlike many machine tools in general and other laser cutting machines specifically, fiber laser cutting machines require very little maintenance. Even when they do require maintenance service, they tend to be less expensive than other laser-cutting machines.
  • Unlike other laser machines, fiber laser cutters are built with more modern cooling systems, ensuring an even heat distribution and a lower overall heat output.

What Our Fiber Lasers Offer

Our large-format Nukon USA fiber laser machines offer custom lengths ranging from 5-foot to 100-foot

Nukon large-format fiber lasers are steel-cutting machines that have the ability to cut a wide range of sizes and thicknesses. Having the ability to customize your cutting size gives you the power to create the perfect cuts for your large-scale projects.

Get the speed your company needs to quickly cut pieces of metal without sacrificing quality, durability, or consistency. Nukon USA's interface allows for maximum productivity keeping the operator in the know with all of the live information on current cutting conditions.

Additionally, our innovative laser cutting heads give you automatic control of focus position and focus diameter, which allows you to get the results you need. This helps your business maximize productivity by reducing the need for manual input and increasing the speed of large-scale projects.

At Moore Machine Tools, safety is at the forefront of all of our machines. 

By elevating the position of the protective glass by 163mm on metal cutting machines the safety is increased. This also increases the machine's lifespan by up to three years. With large-format laser machines from Nukon and Moore Machine Tools, you will get the job done quickly and efficiently while keeping your employees safe.

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