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At Moore Machine Tools, we’re here to help large organizations like yours get the tools and machines you need to succeed. To us, that also means providing high-quality large-format shears designed for use in your organization. We offer personalized solutions that are designed to not only perform to your business needs but also stand the test of time. You’ll enjoy years of use with these top-quality machines from tested and trusted brands, and with our helpful staff, you can learn more about these machines, get a free quote, and even get recommendations on the tools and machines we carry.

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Other Key Features

Accurl guillotine shears have an additional hydraulic adjustment system of cylinders in comparison to others on the market. These apply pressure on sheet metal and self-adjust according to the thickness and resistance of the material.

The support stand has “U” shaped-forms and sliding balls that are also equipped with a groove that houses the supports and square.

An LED light accurately produces a shadow on the cutting path making it easy to locate due to a transparent, plastic screen on the front guard.

The support square consists of a millimeter ruler, reference stops, and scroll balls.

The back gauge adjustment is equipped with a rack and pinion movement on the linear guide. As a result of this setup, damage and additional stress on the mechanism is prevented.

The Accurl system simplifies operation and facilitates the highest level of accuracy, It is self-adjusting and so prolongs the life of the machine.

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