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The large press brake machines we carry at Moore Machine Tools are designed to last and are a great fit for high-tonnage applications. From power pole manufacturing to large construction or agricultural equipment and even shipbuilding, these large press brake machines are designed to provide you with the power and accuracy you need. Get the job done right with these machines that are sized perfectly to perform the jobs you need for years to come. Because we know that your organization relies on your large format machines to continue operations, we only offer top-quality brands at amazingly affordable pricing, so contact us today to get a quote for your machine.

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Large Format Press Brakes

Our large-format press brakes are the perfect solution for large-scale manufacturers looking to meet production demands. From a set of tandem 150-ton machines to 2,200 tons, these machines are designed to handle any project, big or small. With an array of customization options, businesses can tailor their press brake to suit their project needs. From creating large metal components to delicate parts with intricate designs, our large-format press Brakes can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Requirements of Press Brake Tooling

The tools should be manufactured to tolerances within the 0.0004-inch range. This is critical to achieving part accuracy without shimming or other tweaks during setup.

Segmented sections allow you to build various lengths out of several pre-cut pieces. Additionally, smaller pieces are easier to handle, making the operation safer for press brake operators. 

The ability to load the tools with the ram up is an important feature of modern press brakes. The tool-holding system should hold multiple pieces in place until the clamping pressure is applied.

As clamping pressure is applied, the punches are mechanically pulled up into position. This eliminates the need to bottom the punch into the die during the setup.

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