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The Accurl Icon series fully electric press brake embraces technology through the utilization of servo-driven motors. This implementation results in increased speeds, accuracy, and energy efficiency.

  • 2-4 axis back-gauge
  • 27T – 140T
  • 4′ – 10′
  • Delem (DA66T / DA69T)

Requirements of Press Brake Tooling

The tools should be manufactured to tolerances within the 0.0004-inch range. This is critical to achieving part accuracy without shimming or other tweaks during setup.

Segmented sections allow you to build various lengths out of several pre-cut pieces. Additionally, smaller pieces are easier to handle, making the operation safer for press brake operators. 

The ability to load the tools with the ram up is an important feature of modern press brakes. The tool-holding system should hold multiple pieces in place until the clamping pressure is applied.

As clamping pressure is applied, the punches are mechanically pulled up into position. This eliminates the need to bottom the punch into the die during the setup.

Installing tools from the front of the machine shortens setup time because you no longer need to spend time sliding tools from the end of the press brake. Front-loading eliminates the need for forklifts and overhead cranes as well. 

Common-height tools can reduce the need for machine adjustments when changing jobs. Front support arms, back gauge heights, and safety devices all remain at a common position. Because tools are made to the same heights, you can add off-the-shelf pieces and be sure they will match your existing tools.

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