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Genius Prime: The Best 4 Axis Press Brake

The Genius Prime press brake combines Accurl’s tradition of quality with technology looking to the future. This press brake can increase working speeds, precision, or results, while saving on energy costs. What’s more, its user-friendly 2D graphical control unit simulates bending sequences and collision points for results that you can depend on. The Genius Prime has increased the capabilities of the Genius series with the use of a hybrid servo-driven back gauge, DELEM DA58T controller, embedded DSP Laser Safety System,  and more. The Genius Prime press brake delivers on all fronts for a machine tool that has the capabilities to cut costs, increase production, and increase safety.

  • Delem DA58T CNC Control Unit
  • DSP Laser Safety System
  • CNC Accurl Backgauge System
  • Foot Pedals
  • Accurl Quick Clamp System
  • CNC Clever Crowning
  • Front Material Supports
  • New Hybrid Eco-function
  • Comes In Multiple Colors
Genius Prime Press Brake

Delem DA58T CNC Control Unit: Powerful Control

Delem is recognized as an industry leader in CNC control panels not only for their efficiency but also for their high-quality design and construction. With a Delem control unit, you can harness the full-power and ability of the Accurl Genius Prime press brake.

  • 15” high-resolution color TFT (touch screen control)
  • 2D graphical touchscreen programming mode
  • 2D visualisation in simulation and production
  • CNC Crowning Control/Bend Sequence Calculation
  • Visual tooling library
  • Tooling and parts library with 1 GB storage
  • Automatically optimizes for best bend sequence and identification with collision detection

DSP Safety System

The DSP-AP generates visible laser protection compliant with EN12622 regulations. The beam protects the press brake operator from the danger of being crushed between upper and lower tools and represents the evolution in press brake safety with respect to inefficient light curtains or obsolete single-beam protections.

This device reduced the mute point — or speed change point — to up to 4 mm from the sheet metal, thus permitting a remarkable saving in the duration of the bending cycle. The amount of time that can be saved by DSP-AP with respect to a conventional system is about 1.2 seconds per bend. Safety features also include blanking for automatic recognition of boxes and profiles with sidewalls.

Supports in the “Safe Release” system were designed to unhook without damage in case of a collision with tools or other objects. Plus, they can be equipped with a CNC-controlled motorized positioning, where the transmitter and receiver are automatically positioned at the correct height depending on tools and working conditions.

DSP Safety Systems

Robust Construction & Custom Colors

Accurl machines are made to last the test of time and the stress of hours upon hours of continuous work. The steel frames of our machines undergo annealing at over 600 degrees to relieve stress.

  • Stable base and stiff frame
  • Deformation stimulation made by CAE
  • Stress points analysis
  • High-tech boring machines provide extreme precision parts

Sturdy design for reliable production and usage.

Accurl US machines also come in a variety of color options.

Commonly Used Press Brake Dies

  • Rocker-Type Dies

  • Gooseneck Dies

  • Acute-Angle Dies

Requirements of Press Brake Tooling

The tools should be manufactured to tolerances within the 0.0004-inch range. This is critical to achieving part accuracy without shimming or other tweaks during setup.

Segmented sections allow you to build various lengths out of several pre-cut pieces. Additionally, smaller pieces are easier to handle, making the operation safer for press brake operators. 

The ability to load the tools with the ram up is an important feature of modern press brakes. The tool-holding system should hold multiple pieces in place until the clamping pressure is applied.

As clamping pressure is applied, the punches are mechanically pulled up into position. This eliminates the need to bottom the punch into the die during the setup.

Installing tools from the front of the machine shortens setup time because you no longer need to spend time sliding tools from the end of the press brake. Front-loading eliminates the need for forklifts and overhead cranes as well. 

Common-height tools can reduce the need for machine adjustments when changing jobs. Front support arms, back gauge heights, and safety devices all remain at a common position. Because tools are made to the same heights, you can add off-the-shelf pieces and be sure they will match your existing tools.

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