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Key Features of the 4 Plate Roll

The 4 Plate Roll is a living innovation of its time. With aligned capabilities to the 3-plate roll and then some, this machine goes the extra mile for a perfect bending process. In addition, the built-in computer for the 4-plate roll allows for precise coordination monitoring to quickly catch and fix any errors while performing any needed task. From speed control to condition adjustments, the usability of this machine makes it a great choice for any rolling needs. 

Just like the 3-plate roll, this machine comes with an energy-saving design by using perfect geometry to rid of the disadvantages of linear gears, allowing lower usage of flow motors. Every user will quickly appreciate our design philosophy for the 4-plate roll by allowing full reliability in parallel function between all rolls. 

  • Side rolls provide the necessary bending force achieving the tightest diameters per capacity on the market.
  • Multiple configurations are available.
  • Fully CNC-automated production processes that decrease the reliance on an operator’s varying degrees of skill.
  • Independently powered rolls, mounted directly to each roll shaft to offer the market’s most powerful torque transmission available.
  • State-of-the-art Servo-Tronic synchronized side-roll parallel control uses hydraulic AND electronic systems simultaneously.
  • Maximum performance thanks to a force multiplier effect by leverage arm.
  • Forms the tightest diameters due to optimal side roll geometry
  • Ease of use controllers for practical applications.
  • Less maintenance is required than other brands.
  • Patented digital “roll-by-wire” and servo-tronic systems for total ease of use.
4 Plate Roll

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