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Key Features of the 3 Plate Roll

For professional industrial workers looking for perfect configuration and user-friendliness, the 3 Plate Roll is a perfect choice. What it has in versatility, it also shows in efficiency. Operators will notice the ease of use of this precision-based machine. This reliably productive machine contains side rolls controlled by a torsion bar system that connects both sides of the machine, eliminating the worries of unreliable encoding.

One of the best features of this machine comes from its energy-saving design by the use of perfect geometry to rid of the disadvantages of linear gears, allowing lower usage of flow motors. In addition, professionals are going to love the consistent roll lubrication that provides efficient results every time it’s needed. 

  • We offer plate rolls from 4 feet to 20 feet, ranging in capacity thicknesses from light gauge (20GA) to thick plate (up to 4 IN).
  • Multiple configurations are available.
  • Both ends of the plate can be pre-bent without removing the material from the machine.
  • Independently powered rolls, mounted directly to each roll shaft to offer the market’s most powerful torque transmission available.
  • State-of-the-art Servo-Tronic synchronized side-roll parallel control uses hydraulic AND electronic systems simultaneously.
  • Hardened and ground standard sectioned top and 4V-Die bottom tools (32.87 in section).
  • Contains the most accurate parallel system on the market (competitors stick to just hydraulic, mechanical, or electronic.)
  • Ease of use controllers for practical applications.
  • Less maintenance is required than other brands.
  • Patented digital “roll-by-wire” and servo-tronic systems for total ease of use.
3 Plate Roll

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