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Key Features of Hauesler Plate Rolls

  • User-Friendly Control Systems for both novice and seasoned plate roll operators.
  • Purchase includes installation and training with every Hauesler purchase.
  • Benefit from dedicated support and installation teams based in the United States.

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No matter what your manufacturing or industrial needs may be, Moore Machine Tools carries a full line of Plate Rolls and Metal Bending Machines to help achieve success.

How can a plate roll help my business?

Incorporating a plate roll into your shop can offer several advantages, contributing to enhanced efficiency, versatility, and overall productivity. Here are some ways a plate roll can benefit your manufacturing:

Versatility in Material Handling: Plate rolls are capable of bending and shaping a variety of materials, including metals like steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. This versatility allows you to undertake a broader range of projects and cater to diverse customer requirements.

Increased Precision and Accuracy: Modern plate rolls, especially those with advanced features like those from Haeusler, offer high precision and accuracy in bending and rolling operations. This ensures that your manufactured components meet tight tolerances and quality standards.

Time and Cost Savings: Plate rolls streamline the bending and rolling processes, leading to quicker production cycles. Reduced setup times and efficient material handling contribute to cost savings in both labor and production costs.

Flexibility for Different Applications: Whether you’re involved in the production of components for construction, aerospace, automotive, or other industries, a plate roll’s flexibility allows you to adapt to various applications. This adaptability can open up new market opportunities for your business.

Customization and Prototyping: Plate rolls enable you to create custom shapes and prototypes efficiently. This capability is crucial for businesses that need to offer bespoke solutions or prototype new designs before full-scale production.

Improved In-House Capabilities: By integrating a plate roll into your manufacturing processes, you reduce the need to outsource specific bending and rolling tasks. This leads to greater control over production timelines, costs, and quality.

Enhanced Productivity: Automated features, such as CNC controls and advanced software integration, can significantly increase the overall productivity of your manufacturing operations. This allows your business to handle larger volumes of work with consistent quality.

Competitive Edge: Investing in advanced manufacturing equipment like a plate roll can give your business a competitive edge. The ability to offer precision, versatility, and quick turnaround times can set you apart in the market, attracting more customers and projects.

Before integrating a plate roll into your manufacturing business, it’s crucial to assess your specific needs, the types of materials you work with, and the range of applications you handle. Additionally, by providing adequate training for your staff to operate and maintain the equipment Moore Machine Tools ensures optimal performance and longevity.


Easy To Use BENDtronic Control
Lower Maintenance Costs
Increased Production Rolling Range
Improved Diameter  Tolerance