X5 Fiber Laser

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X5 Series Fiber Laser

The Nukon X5 Fiber Laser line opens a world of precision, flexibility, and efficiency. Nukon presents a cutting-edge fiber laser machine that’s designed to revolutionize your manufacturing and industrial cutting processes.

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X5 Series

  • The versatile laser cutting station Nukon X5 is developed for cutting a wide variety of 3D forming parts in a huge working space

  • Optional 2 or 3 working station setup
  • 2 and 3 kW laser power options
Fiber Laser Cutting Sparks
Machine Model X5
 Type 5 Axis Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Cutting Head Auto-Focus Head
Resonator 2 kW 3 kW 4 kW
Maximum Cutting Capacity  Mild Steel 6mm/.23″ 8mm/.32″ 10mm/.39″
 Stainless Steel 3mm/.11″ 6mm/.23″ 8mm/.32″
 Aluminum 3mm/.11″ 4mm/.15″ 6mm/.23″
Maximum Cutting Capacity   50 kVA 55 kVA 60 kVA
 Working Range  X-Axis 3050mm/10ft
 Y-Axis 1300mm/4.26ft
 Z-Axis 600mm/1.97ft
 B-Axis ± 135°
 C-Axis nx360°
Axis Speed X,Y,Z 100m/min
B,C 90 1/min
Simultaneous(X,Y,Z) 17.3m/s2
 Acceleration X,Y,Z 10m/s2
B,C 200rad/s2 – 100rad/s2
Simultaneous(X,Y,Z) 17.3m/s2
 Positioning Accuracy X,Y,Z 0,1mm
B,C 0.015°
 Rotary Changer  Table Diameter 4000mm/13.12ft
 Changing Time 2.3 s
 Max. Load 350 kg/771.6 lbs
 Controller 19″ Multi Touch Screen


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