Vento Fiber Laser

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Vento Fiber Laser

With 3 different models (Vento 315, Vento 420, Vento 620), the Nukon Vento Fiber Laser line opens a world of precision, flexibility, and efficiency. Nukon presents a cutting-edge fiber laser machine that’s designed to revolutionize your manufacturing and industrial cutting processes.

Nukon Vento 315

Vento Series

  • The fiber laser resonator has a modular structure (a 1kW resonator can be changed to 2kW by adding new modules)

  • The laser beam is transmitted to the cutting head via a fiber optic cable
  • Conveyor system for discharging slags and materials
  • Auto dual pallette exchange hydraulic shuttle table system

  • A system to illuminate the work area is part of the standard equipment
  • ISO-9001 TSE and CE quality documents

  • Mild steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, and Brass material cutting is possible

Nukon Control Unit

Machine Information

5 x 10 ft

6.6 x 13 ft

6.6 x 19.8 ft

Custom Solutions Available



4,409-13,227 lbs

Linear Motor

30 m/s2 – 22 m/s2

19″ Multi-Touch Screen


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