REX Fiber Laser

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REX Fiber Laser

The Nukon REX Fiber Laser opens a world of precision, flexibility, and efficiency. Nukon presents a cutting-edge fiber laser machine that’s designed to revolutionize your manufacturing and industrial cutting processes.

Nukon Rex 315

REX Series

  • Cut and engrave various metal pipes and tubes such as steel and titanium
  • The angle of the sheet and its corner are found automatically by using 3-point detection method on the sheet
  • Produces smaller piercing holes faster in mild steel up to .6″ in thickness by controlling the oxidation reaction and optimizing beam quality
  • Automatic flap activates according to the movement of the processing head, offering on-the-spot dust collection during processing

  • CR Control reduces dross adhesion at corners, realizing high-speed processing while maintaining high quality
Nukon Cutting Head Movement

Machine Information


Custom Solutions up to 20kW

X 3050mm
Y 1530mm
Z 150mm

Servo Motor / Rack and Pinion

15 m/s– H17 m/s2

140m/min –  H160m/min

0.1mm/0.0039″ – H0.05mm/0.002″

19″ Multi-Touch Screen


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