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Fiber Laser Technology

High-capacity fiber lasers represent a fusion of two cutting-edge laser technologies: advanced optical fibers and semiconductor diodes. These lasers employ semiconductor diodes to serve as the primary light source, which in turn energizes the active fiber. Within the optical fiber, the laser beam is generated and subsequently transmitted through a flexible, resilient cable. This process involves the blending of top-quality active fibers with rare-earth ions, resulting in the creation of a highly efficient, minute core capable of generating potent lasers, reaching one kilowatt in power output, all while maintaining superior beam quality. IPG leverages a range of proprietary technologies to consistently produce high-powered (kilowatts) fiber lasers to cater to both the existing and potential market demands.

NF Pro Vento Fiber Laser

Vento Fiber Laser

The Nukon Vento Fiber Laser, featuring the innovative Smart Positioning Cutting System, is a cutting-edge solution known for its exceptional precision and efficiency. With intelligent and dynamic positioning provided by SPoCS, it offers unparalleled accuracy, making it an excellent choice for those seeking advanced technology in fiber laser systems.

ECO S Line Fiber Laser

ECO Fiber Laser

The Nukon Eco Fiber Laser, characterized by its robust design and precision-cutting specifications, features a powerful fiber laser source for reliable performance across various materials. Offering customizable power settings and rapid cutting speeds, the Nukon Eco stands out as a versatile choice to meet the demands of diverse industrial applications.

Nukon NF Pro Series Fiber Laser

NF-PRO Fiber Laser

The NF-Pro Fiber Laser by Nukon combines efficiency and precision in laser cutting, making it a standout choice for industrial applications with its high-speed capabilities and exceptional accuracy. Distinguished by dynamic control options, the NF-Pro allows users to tailor the cutting process to their specific needs, embodying Nukon’s commitment to their partners.

Benefits of Fiber Laser Technology

Our fiber laser cutting machines are engineered to propel your production capabilities into the future, harnessing some of the most state-of-the-art laser technologies available. By integrating semiconductor laser diodes and active optical fiber, our machines provide user-friendly operation while delivering numerous advantages. This not only results in smoother and more efficient production but also translates to significant time and cost savings.

Key features and benefits of our machines include:

  • Ability to cut challenging materials like brass, copper, and aluminum

  • Enhanced focus for precise cutting

  • Increased cutting speed

  • Reduced heat dissipation

  • Achieving smoother cut surfaces


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