NF PRO Fiber Laser

Cutting Edge | Versatile | Fiber Laser Cutting

NF PRO Series Fiber Laser

With 3 different models (NF PRO 315, NF PRO 420, NF PRO 620), the Nukon NF PRO Fiber Laser line opens a world of precision, flexibility, and efficiency. Nukon presents a cutting-edge fiber laser machine that’s designed to revolutionize your manufacturing and industrial cutting processes.

Nukon NF Pro

NF PRO Series

  • Different laser power options for various production needs
  • Automation system upgrades are fully integrated
  • Nozzle cleaning, loading sytems, and other optional upgrades

  • A convenient system for releasing slags and materials
  • A system to illuminate the work area is part of the standard equipment
  • Automatic dual palette swaps hydraulic shuttle system
  • With low power consumption, it is user-friendly as well as environmentally efficient

Angled Fiber Laser Cutting Head

Machine Information

5×10 ft – 6.6×19.8 ft

2 kW – 20 kW


4,409-11,023 lbs

Servo Motor / Rack and Pinion

15 m/s2 – 20 m/s2

19″ Multi-Touch Screen


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