Expert Lift 

Expert Lift

Nukon Lift System 2

Vento Series

  • Loading and unloading is done automatically on your machine with Expert Lift

  • It has 57 seconds cycle time which is designed to improve productivity

  • Sheets that are separated by vacuum suction cups are transferred to the pallet exchange table
  • It allows for production without requiring operator intervention
  • The vibration system keeps the sheets from sticking together
  • The machine works with loading-unloading system to increase the capacity utilization.
  • Expert Lift Compact can be installed on either side of Nukon lasers according to your request.
  • It provides the exact solution of single sheet detection with a sheeting magnet and double-plate control system.
  • We use high-quality Germany Schmalz pads, which have double suction for vacuuming.


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