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Eco S-Line Series

The Eco S-Line Series Fiber Laser offers a versatile and efficient solution for various industrial applications. The machine’s design prioritizes convenience and productivity, as it features a pallet changer table for efficient loading and offloading of machine parts. Additionally, a work area illumination system enhances visibility, and the enclosed work area ensures safety during the cutting process, allowing for monitoring through a specialized glass window.

Nukon Eco

Eco S-Line Series

  • This machine can be operated with nLIGHT’s lineup of resonators from 2KW to 4KW
  • There is no mirror with this laser and no optical element with the laser beam. With zero power loss, it is transported to the work area
  • Nukon-Germany Bimo FSC is used with this machine which ensures easy operation as well as convenient maintenance
  • The machine is very energy-efficient with a total power consumption of only 7kW
  • Loading and offloading of the machine parts is done by pallet changer table
  • There is a system to illuminate the work area for convenience
  • The work area remains enclosed and the cutting process can be monitored through a special glass window
Nukon Control Unit

Machine Information


Custom Solutions up to 20 kW

X10 ft
Y5 ft
ZUpper Table 2.9″
Bottom Table 9.8″

Servo Motor / Rack and Pinion

12 m/s2 – H15 m/s2

140 m/min – H160m/min

±0,1mm/0,0039” – H0,05mm/0,002″

19″ Multi-Touch Screen


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