Most Common Mistakes Made With a CNC Brake Press

Most Common Mistakes Made With a CNC Brake Press

In the operation of a CNC brake press, there are some very common mistakes that should be avoided at all cost. These mistakes have been made by others and ruined the job being performed. In some instances, they even broke the machine itself.

A Dirty Machine
The most common mistake that is made when operating a CNC brake press is not keeping it clean. When grime and dirt are accumulating on the machine, the tooling starts to wear down. The dirt scratches up the machine and settles into the various parts of the machine. This can lead to problems with the electrical aspects of the machine or even cause a breakdown of the machine.

Upset of the Ram
Another common mistake that happens is when there is upset of the ram. Each CNC brake press has a tonnage load deflection limit. The deflection limit is the inclination that the ram could bend up to the center and the bed area will go down until the tonnage is reached. After the load is taken off, the ram and bed are returned to their regular stability. If the bending of the load becomes over deflected, this upsets the machine in the center. A larger angle is seen at this point and will require the bed of the CNC brake press to be fixed.

Machine is Unlevel
If the hydraulic press brake for sale that is purchased is used on an unlevel surface, this becomes a problem. The machine won’t be able to operate properly and parts are formed incorrectly.

Tooling is Incorrect
The tooling that is used with the CNC brake press must be correct as well. If it isn’t the parts will be formed at incorrect angles and the job will be ruined.

In the operation of a CNC brake press, it is important to avoid these most common mistakes and others as well.