Moore Machine Tools – Section 179 Deduction

Moore Machine Tools - Section 179 Deduction

Purchasing new equipment and saving a great deal of money is simple! Because the government has actually increased the 179 tax deduction—tax savings are practically possibly for everyone! This increase actually is encouraging the purchase of new equipment. Businesses can write off upwards of $500,000 within the very first year alone. And put this alongside the standard bonus and normal depreciation that happens and you’ll find you really can shovel in quite a savings to apply for your next major purchase. Due to the fact that every tax situation can vary, we encourage a consultation with a professional tax advisor for clarity.

Using this deduction makes it easy to purchase a new Moore Machine Tool Nukon Fiber Laser.

Nukon Fiber Laser

The Nukon Fiber Laser is not only cost effective, but it is low maintenance as well. This is an environmentally friendly solution accentuating on your business, and it does guarantee a lower operating cost. You can have the superior quality cutting you’ve been looking for, for a long time! Furthermore, you’ll love the fact that there is only a minimal productivity loss between jobs, which ensures you can achieve a higher return investment. What more could you ask for?

How about a brand new, state of the art Moore Machine Tool Press Brake?

Press Brake

The Moore Press Brake will certainly add to your bottom line without question. How does this tool do this? This specific press break allows you to produce top quality parts much faster, alongside lower operating expenditures. Maintenance costs are much lower, which helps you gain a much larger end investment. No matter your budget or specific project needs, the Moore press brake is designed to provide you with precision, reliability and high performance. The ease of operation definitely is an added bonus! At Moore Machine Tools we do offer an applicable solution for any and every manufacturing environment. Our press brake comes in a range of models, with multiple features and customizable options. You can have any press brake model customized to fit your specific requirements, no matter the tonnage or the existing length of the brake.

Do you need a Roll, Folding Machine, Bandsaw, or another machine tool? Moore Machine Tools can help!

At Moore Machine Tools we strive to provide the more innovative tools to get the job done well. Consumers will find that all of our products are built for long-term durability, precision, speed and superior performance.


We are one of the few pioneer companies who recommended band sawing machines, even when circular saws dominated the market years ago. Our bandsaws are of superior quality and offer user friendly features. These are manufactured following a more sophisticated construction to ensure their mechanical longevity and performance.

Rolling Equipment

Our rolling machines are perfect for any sheet metal job you might have. These are built from the most advanced technology, promising the best ergonomic output. You’ll find that while these are built with innovation in mind, they are user friendly and automated, ensuring you can get the precise job done in the best time possible.

Folding Machines

Our auto brake folding machines are built to last and give professionals improved accuracy on the job. The quality acquired for pre-paint, or soft material surpasses excellence. Moore guarantees that professionals will achieve reduced labor costs and reduce the set up time required. The benefits are absolutely endless!


Our Geka brand Ironworkers are proven to be the leading punching and shearing machines worldwide! These play a significant role for an array of industrial metal working applications.