Laser Metal Cutting Machine

Laser Metal Cutting Machine

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You’re in need of a new laser metal cutting machine. You want to find a manufacturer or vendor who will work to get you a machine specific to your needs. And you’re interested in finding the best price for the laser machine that’s for sale.

You probably know that you can find new and used laser cutting machines all over the internet, but what you probably don’t know is that you don’t have to spend months or even years searching to find the best laser CNC machine for your operation. 

Dimensions, function, cost, and more all influence which laser metal cutting machine you will purchase. For most, this process of fiding the best laser machine for sale can take months. But you don’t have to search for that long. In fact, Machine Moore Tools is here to help you get the high quality machines and equipment you need to keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently. 

At Moore Machine Tools, we’re 100% against a one-size-fits-all approach to laser CNC machines. If it cannot fulfill your needed function, it’s not the right machine for you.

In fact, Moore Machine Tools offers a variety of laser machines for sale. Our mission is to provide you with high quality machines and equipment at affordable prices. We’re not here to just sell you another laser cutter. We want to sell you the right laser cutter. We care about you and your operation, because we used to be machine and equipment operators, too. 

Let Moore Machine Tools know you’re in search of a laser cutting machine, and we’ll do our absolute best to help you find the laser machine for sale that fits your needs.

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Let Moore Machine Tools Earn Your Trust

Let’s be real. You can find dozens of laser cutting machines online or through your manufacturer liaison. It’s not hard to find just any laser cutting machine that may work or may not work. However, what’s more difficult is finding a laser machine for sale that adds more benefits and value than shown on the price tag. This is how Moore Machine Tool earns your trust. We work hard to deliver on our promises, and we offer more to you than any other company selling laser metal cutting machines on the market.

Don’t believe us? Take a look below at the ways we will work to earn your trust. And when you choose Moore Machine Tools, you get more than a laser machine. You get a business partner, too.

#1. Technological Partners

Moore Machine Tools is more than a laser metal cutting machine vendor and sales company. We actively seek out and partner with companies all around the world to better deliver on our promise: high quality equipment for affordable prices. Our partners allow us to stay ahead of the curve with technology and market needs. We don’t focus on selling you just any laser machine for sale. We work to get you the proper laser machine to fit into your operation. There’s no more calling dozens of vendors to get a quote on a single type of machine. We offer various brands, styles, types, functions, and more all at various price points.

#2. Laser Machine Experts

Many other vendors and manufacturers simply sell laser metal cutting machines. That’s all they do. Moore Machine Tools, on the other hand, has first-hand experience in the industry operating laser CNC machines on a daily basis. Our sales team isn’t here just to hit their numbers. They genuinely care that you get the proper machine for your operation. Our team sets itself apart based on their real world experience, not just because they’re smooth talkers. If you want to buy from a company that knows what they’re talking about, trust Moore Machine Tools.

#3. Unprecedented Industry Experience

The combination of industry experience and laser CNC machine knowledge is unprecedented at Moore Machine Tools. We have some of the most experienced team members in the industry, and we sincerely want you to meet them. When it comes to laser metal cutting machines, a one-size-fits-all approach is unacceptable. Our team works closely with you to get you the machine that fits your operation and needs.

9 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Laser Metal Cutting Machine

You’re ready to buy a laser metal cutting machine. You want to get a machine that fits your operation and needs. And you’re in need of a machine that fits within your budget.

Part of this exciting process is to make sure the machine and the features of the machine will work for you. And this is one of the most important pieces to getting the best laser machine for sale. Here are the questions to ask before buying your next laser metal cutting machine:

How Much Space Do I Need?

Depending on which laser metal cutting machine you purchase, you will need to determine the space it needs to actually function. It can be tempting to go buy a new laser machine for sale, but you want to make sure it fits in your building or warehouse before you invest in a new machine. Who knows, you may be able to buy two laser machines with the amount of space you have.


What’s The Laser Machine’s Learning Curve?

You and every other industry professional has used laser metal cutting machine at some point or another. But, it’s important to ask about how the laser machine actually functions from an operator’s standpoint. You probably know how a laser cuts metal, but do you know how the model you’re considering buying allows the operator to interact with it?


What Materials Will I Need to Cut?

Do you know which materials you need to cut? It’s important you know which materials you’re going to need to use the laser on to get the best laser cutting machine for you. There are dozens of materials that you can mark or cut with a laser. Which ones do you use. The type of material is going to determine the strength of laser you need to get the job done right. A weak laser on a tough material will either taker forever to cut or won’t cut it. Know your material to buy the bets laser machine for sale.


What Size Laser Machine Do I Need?

Point #1 encouraged you to ask how much space do you have. Now, it’s time to ask what size of laser metal cutting machine do you actually need to operate your business. This can be a tough question to answer, because you may need a larger machine but don't have the space for it. Or, you have space for two machines, which means you can double production. Make sure you know what size laser machine you need for the size and type of materials you’ll be handling.


What Laser Strength Do I Need?

As mentioned in point #3, make sure you define the level of laser strength you need to actually cut through your working materials. Tough materials tend to need powerful lasers to cut through. If you get the wrong laser power, you may find yourself taking longer than necessary to cut materials, or you will not be able to cut the materials you need to work on. This is an important question to ask yourself.


How Will I Pay for The Laser Machine?

A common question that tends to be answered later in the buying process. If you’re aware of a budget you need to fit your laser metal cutting machine into, then use that as a guide. It’s best to know how you plan on paying for your laser CNC machine before you start shopping. This way if you find the machine that fits your needs, you can move forward with buying it. There are various payment options:

        • Cash
        • Credit Card
        • Lease-to-own
        • Bank loan

How Will You Use Your Laser Machine to Make Money?

You’d be surprised at how many people intend to buy a laser metal cutting machine without a way to use it and make money. It’s common to think ahead, but it’s important to know how you can use it the day it’s ready to go so that you can make money and grow your business. If you don’t know how you’ll use it yet, give yourself some time to figure that out before you start shopping.


What Kind of Laser Machine Warranties Are Available?

Do your research on laser machine warranties. Many companies state they have the longest laser machine warranty, but it’s not always true. Typically, the manufacturer of the machine offers a warranty that you can leverage. In some cases, companies that sell laser metal cutting machines offer warranties on top of what the manufacturer offers, too, which makes it more lucrative to buy with these companies. If you’re interested in warranties, let Moore Machine Tools know.


Do You Offer Training With The New Laser Machine?

If you’re getting a new brand or style of laser cutting machine, you may want to get some introductory training on the operation of the given machine. It makes sense that with a new laser metal cutting machine that there would be some kind of training. This is a great question to ask so that you can get the training you need to operate the laser CNC machine properly without costing you more in materials or repairs if you accidentally damage anything.



Remember, your laser metal cutting machines should not be a one-size-fits-all solution. You’re paying to get the best laser CNC machine on the market. It needs to be able to fulfill your operation needs, as well as fit within your budget. It’s time to give Moore Machine Tools a call if you’re interested in getting more information on our range of laser CNC machines.

How Moore Machine Tools Takes Care of You

With Moore Machine Tools, you get more than a laser metal cutting machine. You get a partner in the industry dedicated to getting you the best laser CNC machine and equipment you need to keep your business moving forward. It’s not enough to buy your next laser machine for sale from the next company. You will need support, a new machine, business advice, and more. So, why not get it from the industry experts striving to help you make more with your laser machines?

Partner with Moore Machine tools and get much more than a new laser machine. Here’s how our general process goes.

#1. First Contact

Whether you reach out via website or phone, we will work with you to schedule a consultation call to go over what you need and why you need it. This scheduling helps keep you and the team at Moore Machine Tools on a set schedule. Our mission is to get you high quality equipment and machines at affordable prices. Our time is spent finding you the best machine for your operation, so our time is valuable — and we want you to get the most out of your conversation with us.

#2. Machine Consult

You’ve schedule your consultation. You’re about to get on the call with a Moore Machine Tool member. And you’re ready to play hard ball. In case you were wondering, Moore Machine Tool doesn’t play hard ball. We simply want you to get the best machine for your operation possible. During a consult with one of our team members, we will ask you questions, discuss your needs, and find you the best machine.

#3. Laser Machine

Once we determine which laser metal cutting machine will work best for you, we will recommend it. But that’s not all we do. We take the time to talk with our global partners to see if we can find an even better machine at a more affordable price. We genuinely go to work for you, because we believe your success leads to our success.

#4. The Agreement

If you’re ready to buy, we’re ready to sell. We’ll put together a purchase agreement that we will both sign. This agreement explains the legal obligations of the professional relationship we’re about to embark on. If you’re concerned with legal jargon, feel free to take the agreement to your lawyer and have them look through it. In fact, we recommend you do this to ensure you’re getting the deal you want.

#5. Ongoing Partners

As mentioned before, you get more than a laser cutting machine when  you choose to buy from Moore Machine Tools. You get a business partner ready to help you get the best laser machines possible for your operation. Once you buy from us, our partnerships are now your partnerships. Our team is dedicated to your success because it makes us successful.

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