Hydraulic Shearing Equipment

Hydraulic Shearing Equipment

You’re in need of new shearing equipment. You want to find a manufacturer or vendor who will work with you. And you’re interested in a specific price range for the machine.

You probably know that you can find new and used shearing equipment all over the internet, but what you probably don’t know is that you don’t have to spend months finding the right shearing equipment to fit your needs. 

Dimensions, sizes, costs, function, and more are all a part of your buying decision, and we help you determine what you need in all of these areas — if you don’t already know. What’s more, our selection of shearing equipment allow for a wide spectrum of production needs to be met. It’s common for buyers to purchase something that doesn’t work just perfect for their operation. At Moore Machine Tools, we’re against that

In fact, Moore Machine Tools offers multiple shear machines that you can buy new that will get the job done. Our company is all about getting you the equipment and service you need to keep your production moving forward. It can be tough to replace equipment, but with Moore Machine Tool’s help, you can find the best hydraulic shearing equipment you need.

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Why Trust Moore Machine Tools

You can find dozens of equipment companies ready to sell you a new or used shearing machine. But after months of shopping, you may not have found the one that fits your needs just right. You’re not alone. This imperfect fit for shearing equipment is common due to the wide range of needs for manufacturers and production companies like yours. It’s also common for buyers like yourself to get a shearing machine that doesn’t quite fit their needs. 

But when you choose Moore Machine Tools, you get a partner in business. Our mission is to find you the perfect shearing equipment. And we do it in the following ways.

technological partners

#1. Technological Partners

As you saw earlier on the page, we partner with a variety of companies to make sure our clients get the equipment and machines they need to improve and enhance production without negatively affecting their bottom line. This means that when you choose to work with us, you get a wide variety of brand options to select from. No more calling dozens of vendors, manufacturers, and sellers. You can make one phone call, and we’ll help you get the equipment you need.

equipment specialists

#2. Shearing Equipment Specialists

While many other vendors and manufacturers sell shearing equipment, Moore Machine Tools has experience in the field using the equipment we sell. We know what it takes to keep production up and efficient. We know what it’s like to have a piece of equipment go out. We know what it’s like to shop for a new machine. And that’s what makes us unique. We’re not just selling you a piece of equipment. We’re selling you the outcome you want, because we’ve been in your shoes before.

unrivaled industry experience

#3. Unrivaled Industry Experience

With the combination of technological partners and in-the-field experience, Machine Moore Tools offer you unrivaled industry experience when it comes to shearing equipment and any other type of production equipment you may need. Our team and our partners collectively will find you what you need.

What to Consider When Buying New Shearing Equipment

Once you decide to buy new shearing equipment, you want to make sure you get the machine that fits your needs. Part of this exciting process is to ensure the features you’re purchasing actually solve the issues you have in your production line. This can be anything from efficiency to function. Every piece and part play into production success. Here are features to consider when shopping for Shearing Equipment:

#1. Main Frame

Make sure your main frame is strong and durable. This frame is what supports the entirety of the machine like the drive system, bed, and other components. Some shear machines have “lightweight” frames that can crack, fracture, or break sooner than their heavy-duty counterparts. Make sure the main frame you choose fits your needs.

#2. Bed

The bed is where the operator will be working, feeding the material into the blades. The bed is the support for both the shearing blade and the material. It’s important that your bed is heavy and stable, so that it can support the blade, material, and operation requirements.

#3. Squaring Arm

As the name suggests, the squaring arm is used to cut material at 90 degrees. You want to make sure your squaring arm is durable and true to its name. On some arms, you can get a measurement guide. Also, see that the squaring arm is equal to or longer than the length of the shearing blade. This helps when you need some working room around the blade.

#4. Clamps (Hold Downs)

You will find shearing equipment to have single or multiple bar clamps to hold the material firmly in place. These clamps are typically near the shearing blade to prevent movement or tipping during the cut. Typically, the higher force of a cut paired with more hold downs gives a cleaner, more accurate cut.

#5. Shearing Blades

The cutting blades are typically tool steel and hardened for wear resistance, as well as ground for sharpness. These blades are mounted on the upper moving ram and the lower fixed bed. Typically, they are gapped a few thousandths of an inch apart. What’s great is that the blades can be flipped — similar to tires being rotated — to combat wear, as well as resharpened or replaced.

#6. Measurement System

Make sure your shearing equipment includes a measurement system, otherwise called “stops.” These assist operators in making consistent, quick, efficient cuts with accuracy so that they don’t have to manually measure each cut they make. Usually these gages or stops are at the rear of the machine to assist the operator and can be adjusted as needed.

#7. Shear Control 

Simple shearing equipment use a hand wheel with manual operation in conjunction with a clutch-foot pedal. The more advanced equipment is programmable and offers your operator relief from manually control. What’s more, the programmable shearing equipment can be as simple as “cut here” or as advanced as “cut kits,” which tracks number of cuts and type of cuts. Depending on your shearing equipment needs, you can find a machine that works for you.

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Shearing Equipment Accessories

Once you determine all the larger components, it’s time to look at shearing equipment accessories. You have many options to choose from that will help your equipment function at peak performance, as well as assist your operator in more efficient work. Here are some of your accessories or options to choose from: 


  • Stacker or Conveyor
  • Cooling System (Hydraulic)
  • Front Gaging
  • Hydraulic High Speed
  • Safety Options: Curtains, Fencing, Etc. 
  • Bed Ball Transfers
  • Hand Cutouts
  • Bed Scales
  • Mitering Squares
  • Tapping Accessories
  • Special Bed Machining


Remember, your shearing equipment should be fit for your needs, not be purchased as a one-size-fits-all solution. Keep all the components above in mind when searching for the perfect shear.

2 Types of Shears

When it comes to choosing which type of shearing equipment to purchase, you want to know your options. There are two types of shears that you should know about. Here they are:

#1. Swing Beam Shear

The power of leverage cuts material on a swing beam shear. A cantilevered ram increases tonnage, which increases shearing power. The upper blade is placed on a pivoting mechanized ram. Then the blade is forced downward with mechanical or hydraulic means to cut the material. Swing beam shear machines are typically shorter in height than your hydraulic solutions, and they allow clearance, typically, for two blades, which need to be relieved for clearance.

#2. Guillotine Shear

The Guillotine name comes from the upper-blade action of the shear machine. The blade is driven down and up in a straight direction by way of manual or hydraulic mechanism. This shear machine design tends to have larger footprints and taller profiles for machines. Typically, these types of machines are rated in the ½” capacity or greater.

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2 Types of Shear Drive Systems

You know about the two types of shear machines. Now, it’s time to discuss the two types of shear drive systems. What you’ll notice between these two systems is that they achieve the same outcome, but they do it in different ways. Here are your two types of shear drive systems:

#1. Mechanical Shear Drive System

A motor turns a large flywheel at high speeds, and an operator manipulates a clutch through manual, pneumatic, or hydraulic means to use the machine. Once the clutch is engaged, the flywheel powers a crankshaft that’s connected to the ram. The crankshaft then spins, cycling the ram down and up. Manual shear drive systems are reliable and durable.

#2. Hydraulic Shear Drive System 

Utilizing hydraulic pressure, one or more cylinders force the ram and upper blade down. The number of cylinders on each machine will vary, but you will typically see one or two for most. The ease of use with hydraulic makes shearing equipment more efficient and productive.


Hydraulic or Mechanical?

Now that you know the base on what to look for when choosing a shearing machine, it’s time to get down to the ever popular question. You want to buy the best shearing machine for your needs, but how do you choose which one is the best? Below, Moore Machine Tools will answer this question based on our experience and knowledge: 

When choosing shear equipment, many people lean toward hydraulic for the sake of it being easier to use and less operator reliant. While this may be true, mechanical shears offer benefits to the production process too. See the pros of both below:

Mechanical Shear Pros: 

  • Run at high speeds
  • Simpler mechanisms
  • Quiet operation cycles
  • Produce low amounts of heat
  • Eco-friendly

Hydraulic Shear Pros: 

  • Offers variable stroke length 
  • Overload protection

You know the pros of shearing equipment, but which one should you choose? The answer depends on your operation. If you need hydraulic or mechanical, you can find out by contacting the team at Moore Machine Tools, and we can walk you through our comprehensive consultation.

What to Expect From Moore Machine Tools

Partner with Moore Machine Tools and get more than a shear machine. You gain a partner when you choose to work with us. Our extensive partnerships around the world, as well as our years of industry experience allow you to leverage our assets as if they were your own. At the end of the day, our mission is to get you the shearing equipment you need to get the job done — and we deliver. 


#1. First Call

When you reach out to Moore Machine Tools, we will work with you to schedule a comprehensive consultation call. In most cases, we can help you the first time you call. However, if we need to, we will schedule a dedicated meeting. Whether you call us directly, submit a form on our site, or email us, we’re here to help.


#2. Consultation

You’ve scheduled your consultation and you’ve arrived, whether that be by phone, video, or in person. A consultation consists of a lot of questions, a little small talk, and a ton of empathy. We understand what you’re going through trying to find a shearing machine. We’ve done it, too. But we want you to know that our focus is on making sure you get the proper equipment, whether it’s with us or not.


#3. Equipment 

As a part of the consultation, we’ll work to determine which shearing machine is the best fit for your needs. This could be determined with one consultation or many. It all depends on your needs and where you’re at in buying your shearing equipment. We’ll work with you through the process.


#4. The Deal 

Once we have your shearing machine chosen, we will work to get a deal together. Negotiations can begin at this stage. Our team wants to get you the best deal possible, so we take all negotiational conversations into consideration. When terms are agreed upon and a contract drawn up, we will sign and close the deal.


#5. Partnership

Now, you may be expecting Moore Machine Tools to fade into the mist after we close a deal with you. That’s simply not true. We actually step forward after the deal is made to help where we can with your new shearing equipment. Our team is dedicated to your long term success, not our short term gain. This means that you can call on us when you need to, and we’ll be there to help.

Searching for new shearing equipment? Moore Machine Tool can get you the machine you need. Our team is dedicated to your success, and it starts with new shearing equipment. After years of working in the industry, we now sell the machines that keep your business making money. Let us help you find the shearing equipment you need to get the job done!


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Accurl Master Guillotine Shears Master MS Series

Standard Features of the Master Guillotine Shears Master MS Series

The ACCURL Master MS8 series CNC variable rake shear is one of the most advanced production shears are available today.

From 6 up to 25 mm shearing capability these highly developed machines yield the most flexibility you can hope to get in a modern shearing machine. The standard features are listed below:

  • Laser Safety on rear of machine
  • Heavy duty steel construction & Stress relieved frame
  • User friendly CNC Touchscreen (ELGO-P40T)
  • Automatically adjusted rake angle by CNC
  • Automatically adjusted cutting length by CNC
  • Automatically adjusted blade gap by CNC
  • Ball transfers on front tables
  • Ball screw back gauge-39”
  • Flip-up area on finger guards 39”
  • Squaring arm with scale, flip stop and T-Slot
  • Support arms
  • Illumination & Shadow line
  • Adjustable hold down pressure
  • Top and bottom blades with four sides

Accurl Shear Genius-Pro

Standard Features of the Accurl Shear Genius-Pro:

ACCURL®A-Genius series is the top of the line, incorporating all the latest technology to offer the highest level of functionality. With our hydraulic rake angle setting and user friendly control panel, you will be able to easily cut different material thicknesses. This series is well named as only the most intelligent machines could provide speed, precision, accuracy and repeatability all in one. The standard features are listed below:

  • Laser Safety on rear of machine
  • Heavy duty steel construction & Stress relieved frame
  • User friendly CNC Touchscreen (ELGO-P40T)
  • Automatically adjusted rake angle by CNC
  • Automatically adjusted cutting length by CNC
  • Automatically Adjusted rake angle by CNC
  • Ball transfers on front tables
  • Ball screw back gauge-39”
  • Flip-up area on finger guards 39”
  • Squaring arm with scale, flip stop and T-Slot
  • Support arms
  • Illumination & Shadow line
  • Adjustable hold down pressure
  • Top and bottom blades with four sides

We level the playing field by offering the highest in quality at an affordable price.

Not only are the ACCURL USA shears priced well, they have components and features that you see on shears double the price. When you’re looking for economic benefits you don’t want to forsake quality at all, we make sure that doesn’t happen.

No matter what model you choose, you can rest assured it will meet your project needs exactly the way you expect.

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