The industrial legacy of the Ennepe region in Germany is woven with the Hochstrate name, synonymous with ingenuity and excellence within machine components for coal mining operations.

Amidst the decline of coal mining that led to the closure of numerous companies, the Dr. Hochstrate group navigated this transformation. It carved a significant niche within the sheet metal manufacturing sector.

Approximately four decades ago, Hochstrate pioneered a state-of-the-art hydraulic bending machine, expanding its repertoire to include a comprehensive hydraulic plate shear.

Since then, the commitment to innovation has been unwavering. Collaborating closely with local universities and colleges, Hochstrate continuously enhances and refines their machinery’s functionalities and precision.

Embodying design excellence, each machine is meticulously engineered, manufactured, and rigorously tested within Germany. This approach is the cornerstone of delivering the unparalleled quality and reliability synonymous with Hochstrate machines.

Choose a machine that embodies the hallmark of craftsmanship. Choose Hochstrate

Hochstrate Bending Machine

Hydraulic Bending Machine

Ideal Power Transmission and Robust Construction

Hochstrate Shear

Hydraulic Plate Shears

Highest Accuracy and Resistant Construction

U.S. based service to ensure you stay up and running!

Hydraulic Machinery At Its Finest

The name Hochstrate resonates as an emblem of innovation and steadfast entrepreneurial spirit. Originating from a lineage deeply rooted in industrial production, Hochstrate personifies a legacy marked by an unwavering commitment to advancing manufacturing technologies. Fueled by a vision to revolutionize the industry landscape, Hochstrate spearheaded groundbreaking initiatives, pioneering cutting-edge machinery and solutions that transformed the very fabric of manufacturing. Their legacy is not just one of innovation but of resilience, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, setting benchmarks that continue to shape and elevate the industrial domain.

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