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The Hydraulic Plate Shear

Similar to the bending machine, the Plate Shear features a robust and sturdy welded construction, resulting in a reduced weight compared to conventional machines. Hochstrate has consistently advanced fully hydraulic technology, earning a reputation for delivering shears renowned for their precision, coupled with simple and convenient operation. This machine offers an ideal, low-maintenance solution with a hydraulic drive, suitable for a diverse range of applications.

Elevate your shearing capabilities with the Hochstrate Hydraulic Shear Machine.

Hochstrate Shear

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Hydraulic Shear

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Equipped with a convenient 10-inch touchscreen and Siemens-Control, the cutting-edge plate shear combines modern technology with robust construction. The sturdy steel and welded framework are designed for continuous automatic hold-down, maintaining a short distance from the knife to prevent impressions on sheets and safeguard the surface. Safety features include effective finger protection and transparent finger guards for a clear view of clippings. The modern cutting line, illuminated with LED technology, ensures optimal visibility. Additional safety measures comprise light barrier monitoring in the back gauge area. The machine features a sturdy 1000mm sidearm with scale and support arms, a foot pedal with an emergency stop switch and safety line, and rotatable blades with two/four sharp cutting edges. Blade replacement is fast and easy, and the machine offers the flexibility of single or continuous stroke operations. The package includes hydraulic oil, and the equipment comes with a CE Certificate, attesting to its compliance with safety standards.

Special Equipment

Variety of Equipment Available

Featuring an array of advanced functionalities, the Hoschstrate plate shear is designed to elevate your cutting precision and efficiency. The motorized back gauge, spanning 1000 mm, is seamlessly controlled through a convenient touchscreen interface. The back gauge can be extended to 1250 mm for added flexibility. A hydraulically controlled sheet support system is recommended for thin sheets, ensuring stability during the cutting process. The machine offers versatile options such as a conveyor belt, a conveyor belt with a sheet support system, and a conveyor belt with a stacking function. With a hydraulic adjustable sheet chute allowing sheet removal from the front or rear, as well as a small parts chute, the equipment is tailored for diverse applications. Additional features include an adjustable cutting angle, automatic adjustment of the cutting angle, and a motorized blade gap with integrated sheet thickness detection. The angle stop can be positioned up to 180°, and lay-on arms with ball casters (available in steel or Teflon) provide added support. The cutting length is continuously adjustable, and a laser illumination system visualizes the cutting line for enhanced precision. The machine comes equipped with replacement knives for both upper and lower blades, with specific options for cutting aluminum and stainless steel. Furthermore, a range of additional accessories is available upon demand, providing a comprehensive solution for your cutting requirements.

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