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The Windmill Evolution

Haeusler enables you to produce wind towers and windmills efficiently and with high performance. With detailed technical concepts, Haeusler optimizes your produc­tion in all areas. In addition, the innovative and modern bending technology designed by Haeusler ensures the best results in windmill manu­facturing. With these machines, you are offered comprehensive equipment for windmill produc­tion.

Elevate your manufacturing experience with Haeusler – where technology meets precision.

Maximize Your Opportunities

Haeusler offers you a comprehensive and effective technical concept for the production of windmills. With our advanced plate rolls and further accessories, you are optimally equipped for wind tower production. In addition to our productive and reliable machines, you will receive comprehensive supplementary services from Moore Machine Tools. Haeusler has teamed with Moore Machine Tools because they not only offer machines, they offer complete solutions.

Wind Concept Infographic

Working closely with Haeusler customers, Moore Machine Tools is developing tailored solutions for individual requirements. The production output and the quality standard that needs to be achieved are the key factors defining the final structure and workflow of the individual production steps. To merge the different production steps into a well-coordinated, sustainable, economical, and long-lasting production line is the core of Haeusler’s business model.

Windmill Infographic Workflow

The only plate roll that can calibrate cones.

By inclining all three rollers, the cone can be brought into a position on the machine where it can be held stably. This allows continuous calibration of conical bends. Cones can also be calibrated without manipulators. Manipulators and the upper support ensure time-saving in positioning the welded cone on the machine.

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Haeusler Wind Equipment

Haeusler Plate Rolls are designed for maximum productivity, reliability, and ease of operation in windmill manu­facturing.
In addition to the actual bending machine, the accessories, and the control system are of crucial importance. 

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Haeusler HDR

The new HDR design has the advantage of over 35 years of development. The latest design concept, which was invented in 2009, is superior to any other concepts that are available on the market. Based on this fact Haeusler protected their model by worldwide patent.

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Haeusler VRM

Offshore Wind Tower Manufacturing Plant

The VRM ensures optimum results in the production of offshore windmills, among other things. It enables the bending of parts with particularly large diameters in an almost fully automatic process. Make your production of offshore windmills more efficient with Haeusler.

VRM Windmill Accessory
Support Arm for Plate Roll


Haeusler upper supports are modular and therefore available in a wide range of sizes and support heights. Capacity ranges from 0.5 t to 150 t supporting force and a supporting range from 1.5 m to 15.0 m.

The boom is pivot-mounted and special versions with a cone retrieval system are available.

The upper support has the capability to be fully integrated into the machine CNC.


Haeusler side supports are available in a wide range of sizes to increase your manufacturing capabilities. The capacity ranges from 2 t to 100 t of supporting force.

Special manipulators are mounted to the side support. These manipulators support the operator in bending, as well as in aligning the sheet ends before welding. When bending conical workpieces, the sheet can be aligned with the help of the manipulators.

The side support (including manipulators) can also be fully integrated into the machine CNC.

Side Support for Plate Roll
Roller Table for Plate Roll


There are two different types of Haeusler roller tables for wind available:

  • Roller tables that are firmly fixed to the floor for plates greater than 80mm
  • Roller tables that can swivel during pre-bending for plates up to 80mm

Special manipulators are mounted to the roller table. When bending conical workpieces, the sheet can be aligned with the help of the manipulators.

The roller table including manipulators can be fully integrated into the machine CNC.


Simple and fast quality control which increases production capability while ensuring optimal results. Two laser distance sensors continuously measure the inner shell surface during calibration and create a graphic on the control system showing the deviation from the preselected tolerance and the position of the out-of-roundness. Operators can thus approach any out-of-roundness with pinpoint accuracy and check the result immediately.


  • Accuracy of Lasers = +- 0,5 mm
  • Accuracy of read out = +- 0,1 mm
  • Control and display = Integrated in the control panel
  • Data exchange = PDF Document

During the calibration process, the operator can easily detect the out-of-round areas and correct the workpiece accordingly. After calibration, the operator can easily and quickly generate a quality report.

Laser Measurement System for Plate Roll


Haeusler is your choice for quality


The Haeusler Hybrid Drive System (HHDS) provides unmatched efficiency due to the consequent usage of electrical motors in combination with planetary gearboxes. In practice, this means savings of up to 50% of the running costs.

Additionally, the Hybrid Drive System allows a step-less adjustable rotation speed from 0 – 8 m/min. This is, compared to other machines that are available on the market, an increase of 60% and the basis for high productivity.


HHDS Comparison Working Speed


HHDS Working Costs


• More than 60% faster rotation speed

• Less than 50% operation costs

Costs vs Speed Infographic


Roll adjustment and rotation are actuated hydraulically

  • High oil volume required
  • The system is always running
  • High running costs
  • Limited rotation speed (due to oil volume)
  • Efficiency of system ~ 60%


Roll adjustment and rotation are actuated independently

  • Low oil volume required
  • The system is only running if necessary
  • Low running costs
  • High rotation speed
  • Efficiency of system ~ 85%

Allows bending of thicker plates and smaller diameters

The new and patented VSA technology allows the operator to bend either very heavy wall thicknesses or very small diameters. This is realized by a unique adjustment of the bending geometry.

By using two instead of only one pivot point for each side roll swing arm fixation, the machine can individually be adjusted either to create a wide bending geometry for heavy wall thicknesses or a tight geometry if small diameters shall be bent.

The EVO is the only 4-roll plate bender with this unique feature. You are now in a position to get a machine with up to 85% more bending moment compared to conventional bending machines.

Bending Moment and Diameter Infographic


Two pivot points are better than one

Pivot Points Image


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