AKYAPAK, the leader in the steel construction drilling lines, expands its technology from Turkey to the world.

AKDRILL ADM Drilling machines provide excellent quality solutions in the manufacturing of steel construction, shipyards, bridge construction and various fields of other constructions. ADM series works with the drilling capacity of H, I and U profiles or angles ranging from 10-40 mm standard diameters or more.

ADM Drilling Lines is designed with one, two or three independent spindles. ADM models have the capacity of drilling the profile from three sides with right angle and also by rotating +90/-90 degree. Resetting the machine and restarting for next drilling- all are automatic by CNC.

ADM Drilling Lines has become outstanding in the markets for quality and reliability.

Drill Lines

3ADM 1200


With 3ADM, with the separate independent spindle units, drilling can be done effectively from the three sides. Each spindle is designed with four-tooling capacity and thus, their four tools changing systems in the machine.

You can make many drills without pushing the beam in the drive way of the profile with 500 mm length; this means you need NOT to push the beam each time.

For example, if the holes are 10 mm and the distance between the holes is 40 mm, then the machine is able to drill 12 holes with no push of the beam. This gives you a huge time-saving advantage.

One more advantage of the 3ADM system is it will allow you to make scribing marking on the 3 surfaces (optional).

How  to operate 3ADM:

  • First, drilling materials such as- profile, box profile and angle are placed on the in-feed conveyor
  • Then the work-piece holding with the hand claw of the drive machine is pushed into the drilling machine. At this time, the position of the work-piece is set to zero by the laser light.
  • Drilled work-piece is driven into the angled handsaw with the handle claw of the drive machine. Sawing can be possible as per desired length and angle (-45/+60“).
  • After being sawed, the rolls are driven to the output conveyor.

2ADM 1200

2ADM systems are same as the 3ADM ,with some exceptions; such as, 2ADM 1200 is equipped with additional z axle to x axle. In 2ADM 1200, after single line drilling, materials are drawn and brought to the next drilling line.

D.O.T. (Optional)

  • Marking units, axial progress and rotary movements are done by the servo motor. Hydraulic system only operates the blocking clamp jaw and the table for the blocking clamp jaw.
  • Marking can be done at the field at 60 x 150 mm with height of the letters 12 mm.
  • The profile need NOT to be moved during marking as the marking head carries out the axial and rotary progress.
  • Press power of the marking head is determined with hydraulic cutting adjustments.

Scribing Marking Unit (Optional)

Marking unit is added with the ATC as a regular set. It rotates at the speed of 18,000 rpm at the 6 bar air-pressure and carries out marking with carbide insert on the tip. Marking depth can be adjusted according to requirement and the adjusted depth is guaranteed with the marking unit with the feature of +/- 7.5 offset.