Plasma Cutting Machine & Oxy Tables

Industry-Leading Technology for Plasma & Oxy-tables

Integrating advanced technology and value into highly productive and easy-to-use variety of custom CNC cutting solutions, MultiCam’s Plasma & Oxy-tables stand outstanding in the market today. These cutting systems have been developed utilizing state-of-the-art technology with an eye to the demands of the users to maximize output. MultiCam’s products are manufactured with a team of world-class engineers in-house with superior quality. Prompt technical support is always ready for the products.

The keyword for Plasma & Oxy-tables at the end of day is simply productivity.

Plasma Series

MultiCam Plasma 3000 Series

The MultiCam Plasma 3000 Series is the intelligent choice for those searching for value in a plasma cutting system. This all-steel frame high definition Plasma unit supports a variety of standards with the industry’s easiest user interface. It was designed with quality features for efficient output.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Fully programmable retraction between parts.
  • High speed contouring.
  • Auto initial pierce height.
  • Handy and convenient MultiCam EZ Control.
  • Precision dual x-axis drive.
  • Material database.
  • All steel construction - rigid, heavy and stress-relieving.
  • Gains maximum stiffness through 25mm straight ball bearing rails.
  • Equipped with Precision Alpha Planetary Gearboxes built by high carbon alloy steel that guarantees the lowest backlash as well as highest service life among the available systems in the industry.
  • 12 MB memory with unlimited file transfer capability.
  • Standard Ethernet; i.e. RS232 direct connections.

MultiCam Plasma 6000 Series

The MultiCam Plasma 6000 series is designed for the manufacturers who require cutting large and heavy plates or need an accurate and quality cut with a large processing area.

The Plasma 6000 motion platform is separate from the cutting surface. It ensures that this platform will not be affected or damaged from material loading or from the heat of oxyfuel cutting.

Widths available with this machine are from 8‘ - 20‘ and its length starts at 12‘. Adding a further 10‘ sections to your 6000 system will make a perfect complement to the production facility. With its rapid cross-over speed of 1000 rpm, the all-steel heavy and rigid construction in combination with a precision guide make the Plasma 6000 Series one of the most efficient and accurate heavy cutting system in the market today.


  • Very high-speed contouring.
  • Fully programmable retract between parts.
  • Auto initial pierce height.
  • Material database.
  • User-friendly controlling interface.
  • Heavy tube modular X-axis beam with machined bearing reference.
  • Gantry with front mounted bearing (linear) and heavy rack drive.
  • Stress-relieving heavy duty all-steel construction.
  • Capable of carrying various processes efficiently; such as- Plasma, Oxy-fuel, Hi-definition Plasma, Scribe, Electro-spindle, Drill and Tap.
  • With precision worm gearboxes, its backlash is adjustable to zero and torque remain high, and therefore, high acceleration can be achieved without sacrificing smooth operation.
  • Standard Ethernet communications.
  • 12 Megabytes memory with unlimited file transfer capability.
  • Oxy-fuel and Plasma with torch height control can be supported by a single carriage.