Material Handling



What are Material Handling Systems?

Different equipment and tools are used for handling materials effectively in the metal processing industry, such as- roller conveyor, rails, transfer tables, and vacuum lifters. All are great tools for metal material handling and serve in their own unique way to help you simplify the way you handle your materials. To really maximize the production value out of machine tools like press brakes or punch presses, it helps to utilize a material handling machine. These machine tools allow you to setup your materials for maximum efficiency. Our CNC machine tools are high quality, high production machines; there are a lot of moving parts that have to work together to function properly. But when well maintained and used properly, our machine tools give more control over your manufacturing, allowing you to produce more at even more complicated and minute specs.

We have a few material handling machine tools available for purchase, including the HYTROL 25-CRR CHAIN DRIVEN LIVE ROLLER CONVEYOR, the HYTROL PC PORTABLE PARTS CONVEYOR, the HYTROL BALL TRANSFER TABLE, and the ANVER MECHANICAL VACUUM LIFTER. These machine tools use vacuum, mechanical/electrical power, or manual power to allow workers to speed up the assembly line without a fear of loss of quality.


Here at Moore Machine Tools, we only offer our clients the highest quality in machine tools for their production needs. Whether that’s the heavy lifters like the press brakes or shearing equipment, or the supporting machines like conveyors and transfer tables, you can rest assured that our machine tools will help get the job done.


We know that investing in your business is a big decision, and you want to be absolutely sure that you have done your research and made the right decision. That is something we would love to help you with. Feel free to give us a call for more information about our material handling machine tools, or any of our other machine tools for sale. We’d be happy to go over what your company’s needs are, the different equipment options we offer, their specs, nuances of choice, etc. The last thing in the world we want is to sell you a machine tool that doesn’t work for you.


There is a lot to be gained for a growing manufacturing business when it comes to all of the machine tool production options available. Nowadays, smaller manufacturing companies can produce much more with much  less. Our goal here at Moore Machine Tools is to provide manufacturers with high quality, affordable machine tool options so that the best worker can win. Please feel free to reach out to us at your earliest convenience for more information on our company, machine tools, or processes/policies. One of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.





The design of the 25-CRR is heavy and thus, allows it to be used for conveying the higher load capacities; for instances, loaded pallets and drums. The chain driven rollers make it an ideal conveyor for oily parts in the bottling and steel industries.

  • 15 Bed Widths
  • Center Drive
  • Chain Driven Rollers
  • Reversible
  • Adjustable HSN-Type Floor Supports

Standard Specifications:


  • Roller bed with 2 1/2 in. dia. x 11 ga.
  • Un-plated tread rollers with space every 4 in. with No. 40 roller chain; 5 in. with No. 50 roller chain. No. 60 roller chain is used on 3 in., 3 3/4 in., 6 in., and 7 ½ in. roller centers only.
  • Tread rollers mounted in 4 in. x 4 ga.
  • Powder painted formed steel channel on side opposite chain guard and 6 in. x 4 ga.
  • Powder painted formed steel channel on chain guard side.

NOTE: 3 in. roller center tread rollers mounted in 4 in. channel each side.


  • Can be placed in any section of the conveyor length, specify.
  • Chain guard located on left hand side.

DRIVE CHAIN:  No. 40, 50 or 60 roller chain.

CHAIN GUARD:  Formed steel, the upper and lower chain guard are mounted to the top and bottom of channel frame to enclose the drive chains totally.

SPEED REDUCTION:–Sealed worm gear C-Face speed reducer.

BEARINGS: Sealed, pre-lubricated ball bearings.

MOTOR: 1 HP–208/230/460/575V–3 Ph. 60 Hz. Totally Enclosed C-Face.



  • Maximum load per linear foot of conveyor 300 lbs. with supports on 10 ft. centers,
  • 1000 lbs. with supports on 5 ft. centers.

FLOOR SUPPORTS: Supplied as optional equipment.



The PC model can be used as a portable or  as the permanent parts conveyor. The side guards and cleated belt catch easily the small stampings, plastic parts, etc., and convey them to the hoppers or drums. The flapper guard prevents the parts from falling through the conveyor.

  • 8 Belt Widths
  • Tough Cleated Belt
  • Overhead Drive
  • Portable or Permanent
  • Formed Edge Guard Rails

Standard Specifications:


  • 3-ply black Nitrile with 1 1/2 in. high molded cleats on 12 in. centers.
  • Clipper lacing.


  • 6 5/8 in. deep x 12 ga powder painted formed steel slider bed.
  • 3 1/2 in. high vertical sides with square edge guard rail.
  • Standard sections are  of 4 ft., 6 ft., 8 ft., 10 ft., and 12 ft. long.
  • Longer bed sections are bolted together with the splice plates and joint support angles.


  • The tubular steel support is mounted on the 4 in. dia. steel wheels.
  • Adjustable to control the conveyor height at the top and the bottom.
  • Adjusted height can be locked in place with the lever.

NOTE: Not available on units longer than 13 ft.

OVERHEAD END DRIVE: Motor reducer unit is mounted 9 1/2 in. above belt (chain guard RH side).

DRIVE PULLEY: 4 in. dia. with 1 in. dia. shaft at bearings, the machine  is crowned and fully lagged.

BELT RETURN: 4 in. dia. with 1 in. dia. shaft at the bearings, machine crowned.


  • Take-ups provided at the tail pulley.
  • Provides 4 in. of belt take-up.

Bearings: Sealed, pre-lubricated, self-aligning, ball bearings on the drive and tail pulleys.


  • Sealed worm gear “C” face speed reducer.
  • No. 50 roller chain to drive pulley.

MOTOR: 1/2 HP–208/230/460/575V–3 Ph. 60 Hz. Totally Enclosed C-Face.

BELT SPEED: Constant 65 FPM.

CAPACITY: 300 lbs. total distributed load at 65 FPM.



Ball Transfer Table is used when the products are needed to be manually rotated or positioned correctly, such as a work-station or the similar operations that require quick, easy handling of the matter. The Ball Transfer Table is also used when more than the two conveyor lines converge and packages must be shifted from one line to another.

  • 1 in. Ball Casters
  • Steel Channel Frame 3 1/2 in. x 1 1/2 in. x 10 ga., 2 1/2 in. x 1 in. x 12 ga. (Specify skate wheel or 138 Roller Type when mounted in 2 1/2 in. channel)




The ANVER Mechanical Vacuum Lifter is very effective. The Upward or Downward Movement of the Vacuum Lifter Controls Vacuum Pickup and Release The On/Off Cycle of the lifter is Simple. Work can be done quickly with reliability.

Basic Operating Procedure.

  • The Vacuum Lifter is  hanged from a crane hook.
  • The lifter is lowered onto the load until the chain is slack.
  • The lifter is then pulled up by the hoist, creating a vacuum, and picks up the load.
  • The lifter and load are set down until the chain is completely slack, which discharge the vacuum.
  • The lifter can now be raised alone without the load.
  • Set the lifter down again until the chain is completely slack and it is ready to pick up the next load.