Ironworkers play an important role in the construction of the prefab metal structures, power stations, towers for high-voltage power connections, towers of communications infrastructure and other diversified industrial metalworking applications.

Ironworker machines are designed and manufactured complying with applicable standard directives and regulations in connection with ensuring safety for both operators and operating premises. As a consequence, these machines are equipped with protective gear that minimizes hazard in the danger zones as per the applicable regulations.  


Structures of pavilions, wrought ironwork, tents and stands, iron fittings, dockyards, football fields, mining, treatment of copper, winemaking equipment, boiler making works, publicity boards, traffic signs, truck chassis, trailers, children’s playground, sporting equipment, farm machinery, metal cabins, cranes, high voltage pylons, catenaries, handrails, urban furnishing, fences and enclosures, windows, bullrings, cement anchoring elements….

Ironworker Series


Product line:

  • One-cylinder Punching and Shearing Machine
    • Microcrop
    • Minicrop
    • Multicrop
  • Universal Punching and Shearing Machine with Permanent Station of Bending
  • Double-cylinder Punching and Shearing Machine (Hydrocrop series)
  • Singe Operator Ironworker
  • Double Operator Ironworker

Product Features and Quality:

  • The ironworker machines include four electrically operated models with standard equipments: work table, limit switches and measuring scale.
  • The machine is capable of performing most of the needed applications efficiently.
  • These offer an excellent cutting quality with shearing and  having innovative features.
  • The ironworkers are equipped with safety protection facility.
  • Having good adaptability and saves setup time.
  • The machine is versatile with wide range of tooling options and engineering supports.
  • For soft materials, such as, copper and aluminum, the machine incorporates a special deformation free rim cutting procedure for a spectacular cutting finishes.
  • Permanent bending station of the machine is perfectly compliant with CE standard.
  • Anti-torsion system is combined for flat bar shearing without any deformation.
  • More powerful punching station.
  • The machine is more complete than other conventional ones and can perform work via simple and safe procedures