Folding Machines

Benefits of a CNC Folding Machine


Each machine tool comes with a host of benefits unique to its type and model. When it comes to our CNC folding machines, you can expect the following:

An integrated support backgauge holds itself up for the operator. This allows for a bigger size workpiece to be folded. Also, the way folding machines work, it’s easier to bend multiple setups of metal parts that would necessitate manual adjustments otherwise. Because of this, compared to press brakes, folding machines can bend bigger sheets of metal, although not thicker sheets.

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Our Autobrake folding machines integrate advanced design with special features that have made them the prime choice for all professionals. These folding machines combine an automated bending of angles up to 145 degrees, material clamping, and the material support into a single CNC controlled system providing wing bending techniques.

Benefits of Autobrake systems:

  • Reduced labor costs
  • Improved part accuracy
  • Minimized tool changes
  • Reduced setup time
  • Improved part quality; especially on pre-painted and soft material

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Roper Whitney Series

AB1016 Folding Machine


Integrated sheet support and material positioning
  • Work pieces are supported fully by the back gauge table below the clamping jaw, and positioned automatically to an accuracy of +/- .004 inch.
  • Back gauge is positioned by using a ball screw which is driven by a servo motor for a low noise operation.
  • The servo motor recovers from back gauge displacements automatically as high as .625 inches.
  • Conveniently spaced nine fingers give positive contact with edge of sheet and the fingers travel down to 0.0 inch.
  • Operation of the pop-up back gauge fingers is pneumatically controlled.
  • The back gauge has the capacity of supporting sheets up to 700lb.
  • The standard back-gauge depth is 40” with optional 61” and 122” depths
Automatic Dual Clamping System

CNC controlled programmable clamping and hemming pressures requires no tool to create open, closed, or tear drop hems.

ECS 904 CNC Control System

The ECS 904 system is efficient and increases the skills of sheet-metal fabricator by giving the way to transfer the operator's information quickly into useful part programs.

The software is Windows-based and is combined with a powerful machine controller, specially designed for the Autobrake. This system provides a high powered stable solution for all types of folding needs.

Computer specifications:

  •  15-inch high resolution anti-glare and flat touch screen
  •  Integrated industrial computer with internal air cooling
  •  Intel Pentium-M 1.6 gigahertz processor or greater
  •  512 megabytes of RAM memory
  •  64 megabytes of video RAM
  •  40.0 gigabyte hard drive
  •  RS232 serial ports
  •  Ethernet ready
  •  USB 2.0 ports
  •  Sealed oil-tight enclosure
  •  Windows XP-Pro operating system

Programming Functions:

  • Bend angle
  • Gauging distance
  • Offsets for hem operations
  • Programmable delay for the back gauge
  • Open, closed, or the teardrop hemming
  • Open hem height
  • Clamping force
  • Jaw opening
  • Automatic Sequencing
  • Radius profile macro
  • Customer alpha/numeric part number
  • Information screen for giving entry of part related data
  • Materials handling instructions
  • Programmable part counter
  • DXF capability
  • Spring back compensation

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Folding machines offer less risk of surface damage to metal materials. That’s because there is more limited movement involved in the tooling of a folding machine compared to some other machine tools.

Multiple station setup allows folding machines to be calibrated for multiple complex operations. The sheet is held in place by the machine, while the back gauge moves around it, giving it its new form. With these machines, operators can create more complex bends with less input.

Folding machines have an easier setup than some other types of machine tools. That’s because they use a universal set of tools for all of their applications. This equates to less setup time when switching tools, and less extra space needed to store those tools.