AMOB North America

The World’s Leading Manufacturer of Metalworking Technologies

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Learn About AMOB’s World-Leading Metalworking Tech

Our partners at AMOB North America our proud to be the world’s leader in metalworking technology. They provide one of the biggest ranges of specialised metalworking equipment for the pipe and tube bending industry around the world.  They serve the global market, and they’ve chosen to partner with Moore Machine Tools because of one thing: our mutual mission to serve you, the customer, with the absolute best metalworking equipment worldwide. Contact us today to get more information on our partnership with AMOB North America.

Why Choose an ACCURL Sheet Metal Machine

  • Founded in 1960
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Biggest Range of Specialized Pipe and Tube Bending Equipment
  • 70+ Agencies Operating Worldwide
  • High Quality, Competitive Solutions

Our High-Tech Partners at AMOB North America

When Moore Machine Tools partnered with AMOB North America, we were looking for a technological partner able to provide tube and pipe bending solutions unprecedented in the industry. Our customers, like you, demand the highest quality alongside the best tech, and we never compromise on either of these traits. AMOB and Moore Machine Tools benefit in helping our mutual customers get the pipe and tube bending machines they need. 

AMOB is a global presence that we’re proud to be a part of. Their proud history of manufacturing and worldwide influence on pipe and tube bending machine technology has disrupted the industry in all the right ways. Their constant pursuit of technology 1. Keeps them on the cusp of innovation, and 2. Keeps the industry honest with their advancements. 
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AMOB’s Promise to You

AMOB has a simple promise. They provide the most advanced, high-quality pipe and tube bending machines in the industry from around the world. Their mission is simple: to deliver high tech and unprecedented customer service to their partners and customers. It’s no surprise why AMOB is a fantastic company — and it’s the biggest reason Moore Machine Tools partnered with them.