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Accurl Abrasive Waterjet

Need a precise cutting machine for your manufacturing project?

A CNC waterjet cutter offers you more control, scalability, and safety than other machine tools.

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Waterjets For Sale

Accurl Waterjets, now offered with Hyper-therm line of pumps

Get the same precision and quality cutting you expect from an Accurl waterjet, now with the robust powering of Hyper-therm waterjet pumps.

Hyper-therm waterjet pumps are proudly made in the USA, plus when you opt for a Hyper-therm pump for your Accurl CNC waterjet cutter, you get the combined support of both Hyper-therm and Accurl.

Check out some of the high-quality Hypertherm pumps you can use to get the most out of your Accurl CNC waterjet cutter.

Echion 15/30/50 Waterjet Pumps

Looking for the same robust power in a small package? Look no further than Hyper-therm’s newest introduction to the waterjet pump lineup: the Echion™ 15, 30, and 50 waterjet pumps.

Perfect for all budgets, or just for smaller spaces, the Echion™ line of waterjet pumps still delivers consistent cut quality at optimum cutting speeds. To achieve this, the Echion waterjet pumps come standard with closed‑loop proportional pressure control that adjusts for ambient pressure and temperature, oil viscosity, and hydraulic system wear parts. Plus, much like their HyPrecision counterparts, Echion pumps utilize Hypertherm’s Advanced Intensifier Technology to simplify system maintenance — reducing cost and maintaining high production.

For integration in smaller spaces, Echion waterjet pumps can’t be beaten contact Accurl today to see if Echion pumps are a good solution for your business.

Waterjet Intensifier

DiaLine Cutting Head

Waterjet Nozzle

Take your Accurl waterjet cutter to the next level with a DiaLine cutting head. DiaLine cutting heads are at the pinnacle of cutting head technology with a precise design that produces a perfectly aligned cutting stream that results in a maximum transfer of energy to the workpiece, and less wear and tear on cutting head components.
Furthermore, DiaLine cutting heads feature a diamond orifice which is also backed by an industry-leading 600-hour warranty. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better cutting head for your Accurl CNC waterjet cutter.

Contact us to see if a DiaLine cutting head is right for your waterjet cutter

Accurl Quality

Accurl is committed to providing the highest quality in CNC machine tool manufacturing. Accurl knows how important machine tools are to scale with precision, having been in the manufacturing industry for years. That’s why Accurl works to perfect the latest designs in our waterjet cutters, culminating in products that can handle more accurate manufacturing without sacrificing operator safety.


Benefits of Waterjet Cutter

  • Waterjet cutters can create precise, complex cuts in any material. Combined with specialized software and 3-D machining heads, even convoluted shapes can be manufactured.
  • The kerf, meaning the width of a cut, on a waterjet can be adjusted easily by switching out the nozzle. For abrasive cuts, the kerf can be as narrow as 0.51mm. For nonabrasive cuts, the kerf can go down to 0.076mm, which is the width of a human hair.
  • Waterjet cutters have no heat-affected zone (HAZ) because they produce no heat. This means that they can cut materials without affecting their inherent chemical structure, allowing them to keep their intrinsic properties. Because of this, bevels, pierce holes, sharp corners, and shapes with minimal inner radii become possible with a waterjet.
  • Waterjet cutters’ amazing precision allows them to attain accuracy to the level of 0.13mm, and repeatability to the level of 0.025mm.
  • Efficient use and design with a waterjet cutter can equate to less scrap metal produced during manufacturing since uncut parts can be positioned more closely than with traditional cutting machines.
  • Operators of waterjets are exposed to fewer hazardous materials from airborne dust particles, fumes, smoke, and other contaminants produced by other machine tools.
  • Because waterjet technology has no contact medium (unless the water is recycled), it can be used in the meat-cutting industry to avoid the risk of cross-contamination.

Standard Configuration

  • ITALY ESA® 17″ S660W CNC Control system
  • Human machine interface SMARTTOUCH V6.0
  • YASKAWA ® Highly dynamic EtherCAT servo drive
  • HYPERTHERM ® High Pressure Pump of 50 HP SL-VI – 4200 bar – 1L
  • 1 Table X,Y with cutting head 118 x 59 in (3000 x 1500 mm) working area
  • ACCUSTREAM ® dialine Long lasting cutting nozzle
  • ACCURL® Abrasive backstop system CUT CONTROL 3.0
  • ACCURL® Abrasive regulation-ABRASIVE 3.0
  • Water Jet Soften Treatment–
  • THE MAX 3D 5-Axis Bevel Cutting Head 2.0
  • HYPERTHERM® Echion 50 NEW waterjet pumps
  • Automatic Abrasive feeder with 200L capacity.ABRALINE 1.0
  • ACCURL® Anti-collision system – Collision Protection 2.0
  • Machine safety system. Declaration of conformity and CE marking.
  • Communication system to communicate between the machine and ACCURL®.
  • Industrie 4.0 for sheet metal working with TwinCAT Analytics and TwinCAT IoT
Accurl Waterjet Table

The following Smart Components are Optional:

  • Auto Sludge Removal System
  • IGEMS 3-Axis CAM Minmum 3X Nesting Software
  • IGEMS 5-Axis CAM Normal 3D-5XB Nesting Software
  • ACCURL ® HyPrecision™ Ultra-100S Pump of 100 HP SL-VI • 4200 bar • 1L


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