The MasterCut Shear

Top-Rated CNC Hydraulic Shear

Top-Rated Hydraulic Shears

Are you looking for a hydraulic shear machine that you can rely on?

Then Accurl has everything you need for your business. The top-rated hydraulic guillotine shears offer high-quality cuts with automatic blade gap and rake angle adjustment to provide you with the best hydraulic shears on the market. The MasterCut hydraulic shears at Accurl can help businesses across all industries. Keep scrolling to learn more about our top-rated hydraulic guillotine shears, or contact Accurl to get a free quote for your new machine today!

Accurl Shear with Extended Table

Hydraulic Shears For Sale

If you want the best hydraulic shears on the market, then Accurl is a great choice. Their guillotine shears provide high-quality cuts every single time and are highly dependable. With easy-to-use technology and even easier-to-understand software, your new hydraulic shears will be able to help your business as soon as it’s installed. Automatically adjust your blade gap and rake angle to save yourself time and money. No matter what model you go with, you can always rely on an Accurl hydraulic shear machine.

Advantages of Accurl Hydraulic Shears

  • High Precision & Repeatability
  • Fast & Highly Accurate
  • Reliable Machine Movement
  • Resistance To Crashes
  • User-Friendly CNC Control
  • Little To No Maintenance

Standard Hydraulic Shears

Just because they’re standard doesn’t mean they can’t get the job done. You can always rely on Accurl’s standard hydraulic guillotine shears to get the perfect cut every time. Here are the features of the standard equipment:

  • Delem DAC-360T Touch Screen control
  • BOSCH REXROTH hydraulic system
  • Ball screw back gauge 39.37 in
  • Automatic back gauge
  • Automatic and progressive rake angle adjustment
  • Automatic adjustment of blade gap
  • Automatic cutting length
  • Retract function
  • ACCURL® Back gauge with Automation swing-flip up function
  • Squaring and Gauging Arm

DELEM DAC360t CNC Control Unit

Accurl has chosen the very powerful new generation DELEM DAC360T control, which provides a user-friendly and versatile touch control solution for our hydraulic shears. Here are the features of the DELEM DAC360T CNC Control Unit:

  • 7″ widescreen TFT Color LCD display
  • Back / front gauge control
  • Panel based housing
  • Retract function
  • Cutting angle and gap control
  • Stroke length limitation
  • Manual movement of all axes
  • Force control
  • Return to Sender function
  • Program memory for 100 programs
  • Sheet support system
  • Sheet thickness measurement system
Shear Hold Downs

Pneumatic Sheet Support System

The pneumatic sheet support system prevents the sheets from bending and warping under unsupported weight. It also helps ensure proper backguage measurement.

This system also helps distribute the force more evenly on your cutting materials, keeping it stable and reducing the possibility of damage to your materials and your machine.


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