The Biggest Sheet Metal Machine Production Company in North America

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Learn About ACCURL’s Innovative Advantage

Our partners at ACCURL take pride in being able to innovate. They are no sloths when it comes to disrupting the industry of sheet metal machines. They strive to create value for their clients with better tech, innovative products, and unbeatable services. The biggest reason that Moore Machine Tools partners with ACCURL is the mutual dedication to client satisfaction. Contact Moore Machine Tools today to learn about the ACCURL sheet metal machines that we carry.

Why Choose an ACCURL Sheet Metal Machine

  • 29+ Years of Industry Experience in Folding and Cutting Machines
  • Nearly 30,000 Machines Sold Across 92 Countries
  • Hyper Focus on Four Product Classes: Press Brake, Hydraulic Shears, Laser Cutters, Punch Press
  • More Than 65,000 Satisfied Customers

Our Innovative Partners at ACCURL

You won’t find a more innovative company in the sheet metal machine industry than ACCURL. Their drive and dedication to deliver value to their clients through innovative products and unbeatable service is what makes them so successful. This combination is why they have more than 65,000 satisfied customers across 92 countries. 


ACCURL takes pride in their ability to innovate, but they have a bigger mission: to serve you, the customer, in all of your sheet metal machine needs. With four major product categories, they are able to offer a wide variety of sheet metal machine solutions unlike many of their competitors. Here are those categories: 


  • Press Brake
  • Hydraulic Shears
  • Laser Cutting Machines
  • Punch Presses


ACCURL’s unrelenting drive to provide high quality machines is seen through their machine’s materials, engineering, and performance. 
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ACCURL’s Dedication to You

When you choose to work with Moore Machine Tools and purchase an ACCURL sheet metal machine, you’re getting more than a product that will increase productivity and profits. You’re gaining a business partnership you can rely on for decades to come.


Moore Machine Tools partners with ACCURL because of our similar beliefs and drive to serve you, the customer — and that’s why we encourage you to give us a call to learn more about how we can help you find the best ACCURL sheet metal machine for your operation.


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