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5 Tips To Help You Select A High Performance Laser Cutter

5 Tips To Help You Select A High Performance Laser Cutter

Lets think about a new Laser Cutter for the shop. A new Laser Cutter would be very beneficial in terms of efficiency, time reduction and higher precision when cutting parts. So, if you are the one in charge of getting the new Laser Cutter, this is your time to shine and show your boss you were the man (or woman) for the job. With that promotion on the line though, you do not want to make the wrong decision and not get the ideal Laser Cutter.  So, how do you evaluate what you need in order to acquire a high-performance Laser Cutter?

Let These 5 Tips For Selecting A Laser Cutter Earn You That Long Deserved Promotion

  1. What will you be cutting with your new Laser Cutter?

    First and foremost, even though this might sound silly, make sure you know what materials your team will be cutting with the Laser Cutter. Once the materials have been identified, the subject areas that will be worked should be the next to be identified. Finally, what will the cut materials be used for? Once all these questions have been defined, you will be able to narrow your search for that precise Laser Cutter.

  1. What bed size best suits your needs?

    Usually, Laser Cutters come with standard bed sizes, A1-A3. Depending on the size of the materials being used, this will help you determine if you need a small or bigger bed. However, you might want to consider a bigger bed, which will allow you to work on more jobs at the same time.  This will help optimize efficiency and reduce time.

    (Note, bigger is not always better, but in the future, if you require a bigger bed, you will have to buy a completely new Laser Cutter.)

  1. How much power is required to operate your Laser Cutter?

    Before just jumping in and purchasing the highest wattage Laser Cutter out there, you have to realize that is not always the right answer. Before purchasing anything, you should see the Laser Cutter operating and identify the quality of the optics. Optic quality is the key factor that enhances the performance of a Laser Cutter. So the power output of a machine will not necessarily determine how good or bad a Laser Cutter is.

  1. What about extraction

    Laser Cutters will generate odours that should be carefully and efficiently extracted for safety purposes. Suppliers usually will provide suitable laser extraction, but not all the time, so make sure to keep that in mind while selecting the right Laser Cutter for you.

  1. What materials should be avoided at all costs?

    Any material containing PVC is off limits to use with your new Laser Cutter. These materials release a very harmful chloric gas which is poisonous and can possibly damage your Laser Cutter. With the purchase of a new machine, you should receive an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), with information on what materials you can and can’t use on your Laser Cutter.

Following the above criteria and carefully evaluating each point, you should be able to find the perfect Laser Cutter your business is looking for. These key points will help you choose a Laser Cutter that will be efficient, reduce time and lower overhead. This machine will guarantee you that promotion you have been waiting for!